Example sentences of "since it [is] [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 Finally , for the literary reader it should be noted that claims to have penetrated the meaning of the Jubilate in no way contradict the conclusion that its form is essentially ‘ psychotic ’ , since it is well accepted that , with effort , the sense in schizophrenic language can be discerned ( see Forrest for a discussion of this point ) .
2 It may also be noted that if this method is employed then the first number chosen should be by random means rather than just ‘ saying a number between 1 and 10 ’ since it is well known that choices between these limits do not come out anything like randomly — the number 7 being particularly popular .
3 And since it is generally recognised that managers cost their companies at least three times their annual salary , the scope for cost-saving is enormous .
4 It is unlikely , though , that a bridge existed here in pre-Roman times , since it is usually argued that the first Roman crossing at the famous battle of the Medway took place further upstream towards Maidstone .
5 Culyer and Brazier ( 1988 ) described the Enthoven model but argued that ‘ since it is usually supposed that the competition for contracts would not be restricted to NHS institutions we prefer the term ‘ provider markets ’ to the more usual ‘ internal markets ’ ’ .
6 Similarly , a company is only making problems for itself by creating a norm of people working extra hours , putting staff under stress which impacts on their home lives and which probably does not achieve greater productivity since it is commonly believed that working beyond 40 to 50 hours a weeks results in time spent which is increasingly unproductive .
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