Example sentences of "though it be [adv] [verb] that " in BNC.

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1 For example , I wonder why there are no English-speaking contributors to the Panofsky centenary conference , even though it is well known that this approach was most fully developed in the English-speaking world .
2 However , much of this work is heavily weighted towards the study of individual words , even though it is widely recognized that most vocabulary growth comes from encountering words in the course of reading .
3 Britain points out that the Bush Administration is still using its political weight in the IMF to block financial relief for Vietnam , even though it is widely recognised that the exodus from Vietnam will only stop when living standards improve .
4 Even though it is generally recognised that , at best , the principles of operant conditioning described in Verbal Behaviour contribute but a small part to our understanding of the processes of language development , this does not immediately rule out the possibility of employing techniques based upon operant conditioning to help those children who are not developing language in the normal way .
5 The Act does not define what actually constitutes an artistic work , though it is generally accepted that it would cover any product made by an artist or craftsperson , which is normally unique , hand-made and makes a personal expressive statement .
6 The precise number is unknown ; but in the 1970s , two American biologists , TL Erwin and JC Scott , produced a plausible estimate , of around 10 million , though it is now thought that the true figure may be around 50 million .
7 Though it is often suggested that Metastrongylus may transmit some of the porcine viruses , and may enhance the effect of viruses already present in the lungs , the role of the worm is not conclusively proven .
8 Though it is sometimes said that Hilbert 's theorem killed invariant theory , this is not entirely correct .
9 Finally , the ‘ intelligentsia ’ and scholarly circles — presumably attached to Leipzig University — in condemning Hess reportedly included some reproaches for Hitler for selecting such a ‘ mentally disturbed person as his possible successor ’ , though it was immediately added that most members of such circles were ‘ nevertheless convinced that the Führer no longer hears at all about the actual mood and situation within the Reich itself and that most things are kept from him ’ .
10 The Democratic majority in Congress , however , had opposed any such tampering with the Bill of Rights , preferring to demonstrate its opposition to flag burning by enacting the Flag Protection Act , even though it was widely anticipated that the Act would be declared unconstitutional in the courts .
11 And even though it was generally accepted that they , along with the better known chimps of East Africa , were our closest relatives , few would have guessed that their relationships would be , well , so very human .
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