Example sentences of "can be assumed to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 One problem for the non-native speaker of English is to decide when a group can be assumed to be familiar .
2 It would be unduly optimistic to assume that management skills have risen to a level such that costs undertaken can be assumed to be equivalent to value .
3 In this chapter , however , we are focussing attention on the behaviour when the effect of such departures can be assumed to be slight .
4 Other than in such cases of clear juxtaposition , dots can be assumed to be purposeful when there is graphic consistency , and especially when such consistency is combined with gentle expression .
5 Subroutines are usually written to be " transparent " to the calling routine ; that is , the processor registers such as accumulators and condition codes can be assumed to be unaltered by the subroutine call , unless they are explicitly part of the subroutine linkage .
6 The compressibility of the solvent is equal to the molar volume of the solvent in solution , V 1 , and can be assumed to be unchanged over a small range of pressures , thus giving
7 All rates of pay quoted can be assumed to be gross , i.e. inclusive of employer 's contributions etc .
8 As we noted , in the canonical situation of utterance , with the assumption of the unmarked deictic centre , RT can be assumed to be identical to CT ( Lyons ( 1977a : 685 ) calls this assumption deictic simultaneity ) .
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