Example sentences of "it is [adv] assume that [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 It is generally assumed that it is not cost-effective to screen either younger or older women , but the achievements of any screening in this area are unclear .
2 Furthermore , it is generally assumed that it is an easy matter to pollute and get away with it .
3 Because these three associated religions appear to have in common the belief in one transcendent personal creator , it is often assumed that they all believe in the same God .
4 Someone must plough the fields or milk the cows , but much of this endeavour takes place hidden from public view and when a tractor is glimpsed across a field it is often assumed that it is a farmer who is in the cab .
5 If it is always assumed that they are intellectually inferior , what else is there for them to do … every time teachers are constantly amazed by the fact that in the first year they have at the moment there are two or three really bright West Indian boys , and it 's of constant amazement to people like Mr G … ‘ my goodness he 's bright where does he get it from ’ .
6 In theory it is typically assumed that we are concerned with the distribution of taxes and benefits among individuals according to their ability to pay ( the normative basis for this is not discussed here — see Lecture 11 ) ; in empirical work , this is typically taken to mean measured money income .
7 It is still assumed that it is the woman who will give up work to look after the children or take time off if they are sick , she admits .
8 It is commonly assumed that it is impossible to change this state of affairs , but the Guild of Food Writers believes it can be done , and that it is all-important , even vital , to do so , says Claudia Roden , its vice chairman .
9 It is popularly assumed that it has medicinal benefits , but there is no evidence whatever to support this , and much evidence to the contrary .
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