Example sentences of "it is [adv] assume that [noun sg] " in BNC.

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1 It is generally assumed that hypergastrinaemia predisposes to the development of gastric carcinoids through progressive hyperplastic changes of fundic endocrine cells .
2 However , it is generally assumed that rug-weaving was brought into China , probably from Turkestan or Mongolia , some time before the reign of Emperor K'ang Hsi ( 1661–1722 ) , a noted patron of the arts who may well have encouraged its assimilation into Chinese artistic life .
3 Sometimes it is incorrectly assumed that listing patients ' problems precludes inclusion of psychiatric diagnosis .
4 These days , it is widely assumed that monitoring of firms by close , caring banks is a better way to run things than the arms-length institutional ownership of America and Britain .
5 It is widely assumed that restoration of intestinal continuity inevitably results in a better quality of life for the patient , but that is not necessarily the case .
6 However , as explained , such problems are often symptoms of deeper organisational and management problems : ‘ It is often assumed that stress is caused by too much work or tasks that are too difficult , but it is more likely to be because staff do n't have a context for what they are doing . ’
7 It is often assumed that winter is the most suitable time for training yet only 43% indicated that any time during winter would be suitable .
8 For example , it is often assumed that multiculturalism is methodologically individualist , and reduces racism to an individual pathology of prejudice , whilst antiracism is radically holist and insists on the primacy of structural processes .
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