Example sentences of "it is [adv] argue that a " in BNC.

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1 It is frequently argued that a locally based education , preferably with a rural bias , will somehow encourage young people to stay in agriculture .
2 It is also argued that a new spatial division of labour is being established .
3 It is also argued that a production-based rent allowed the landlord to receive excess benefits due to the skill of the site operator .
4 It is also argued that a lender of last resort would not be needed because of the ability of banks to issue their own notes backed up by their deposit base ( Dowd 1990 ) .
5 It is sometimes argued that a science of religion is a contradiction in terms .
6 It is sometimes argued that a full-blooded commitment to phenomenological principles entails a retreat into relativism in which the researcher is denied any grounds upon which to choose between alternative accounts of the same situation .
7 It is sometimes argued that an experienced programmer can detect the ‘ general shape ’ of a particular high-level language X from blocks of machine code , just by hunch and judgement , but this ignores the possibility that the code may have been written in language Y with the syntactic style of X precisely in order to create this confusion ; just as one can murmur English with a German intonation and cause a distant listener to believe he is listening to unintelligible German .
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