Example sentences of "to [noun] [prep] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Then on Friday they would stream back to Cork from all over the province of Munster to clean themselves up , don their best clothes , and go to synagogue to greet the Sabbath .
2 Workers flocked to Middlesborough from all over the place ; according to the 1871 census nearly half the town 's population were born outside Yorkshire .
3 Said Sheher , the man who organised the competition which brought contestants to Whitby from all over the United Kingdom as well as Belgium and Germany , said : ‘ Karate is a rough sport . ’
4 Major industrial partners , like Shell , Hewlett-Packard , and Meiko itself have contributed both money and equipment to help the project to the point where it can offer a reliable multi-user service to people from all over the UK .
5 We are offering the experience of a lifetime , and it seems to appeal to people from all over the world .
6 A large number of men and women had come to Iraq from all over the world to build a ‘ human wall ’ between the armies on the Iraqi-Saudi border .
7 But the travellers who 'd come to Castlemorton from all over the country , could n't understand the local animosity towards them .
8 Contains a unique collection of historical toys , books , costumes and items relating to childhood from all over the world .
9 Thackeray called the exhibits on show-mostly machines " England 's arms of conquest the trophies of her bloodless war " , and visitors flocked to London from all over the world to marvel at them .
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