Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] for some reason " in BNC.

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1 CPRW has evidence that the sale of holiday units as permanent residences is already beginning to happen where the temporary occupancy clause , which is customarily enforced on caravan and chalet sites , has been withdrawn for some reason .
2 Typically , this will be a realistic option if your pay has been cut for some reason .
3 Another possibility is that the gas density may have been overestimated for some reason .
4 Well he must have been transferred for some reason or other .
5 Another suggestion was that an entire class of LMS express locomotives had been withdrawn for some reason .
6 Though since to find an alternative word was n't going to alter matters at all by the look of it , Fabia began to wonder if perhaps Vendelin Gajdusek was coming back from Prague today to keep his appointment but had been delayed for some reason or another .
7 The possibility that he had been killed for some reason connected with his father 's letters did not occur to Derek .
8 There should have been a large timber column but this had been removed for some reason many years ago and led to the roof sagging some 4 ’ .
9 If the package has changed and the DCs have been aborted for some reason , but you still wish to proceed with the change , raise new DCs , get agreement for the changes , activate the Dcs through your package , then resubmit the package for approval .
10 This last datum may be accompanied by one of the following letters : S = the company 's shares have been suspended , A = company has been acquired , L = company has been liquidated , e = non-voting shares have been enfranchised for some reason , and lastly F = the shares have been withdrawn from the official list for some other reason than those already mentioned .
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