Example sentences of "go so far as to assert " in BNC.

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1 Indeed , Saettler goes so far as to assert :
2 In fact , the Committee goes so far as to assert that business and industry have no distinctive educational needs , and is thereby able to collapse point 2 in its terms of reference ( " the needs of business , the professions and the public services " ) into point 1 ( " the requirements of a liberal education " ) .
3 Blondel in his study Political Parties : A Genuine Case for Discontent ? claims that " in the great majority of cases programmes are unclear , often limited in scope , and not closely connected to the goals which the party proclaims " and he goes so far as to assert that " on balance parties do not really have programmes " .
4 One journalist went so far as to assert , ‘ Carter should have little trouble with Congress ’ , while Professor Ross Baker noted that ‘ the basic elements are in place for a highly satisfactory relationship between Carter and Congress … there is no reason to forecast discord between the White House and Capitol Hill .
5 One may indeed go so far as to assert that the Japanese occupation of Indochina was the key issue in the conflict between Japan and the US which led to the attack at Pearl Harbor ; and after what was , initially , a rather lofty approach to the problems of Indochina and Southeast Asian security , America 's final demand that Japan remove its forces from both China and Indochina ( 26 November 1941 ) was met with the equally final Japanese rejection which manifested itself at Pearl Harbor and the invasion of Southeast Asia .
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