Example sentences of "do n't go far enough " in BNC.

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1 But it did n't go far enough .
2 But it did n't go far enough .
3 But a solvent campaigner who works with abusers said the campaign did n't go far enough .
4 The industry is waiting to see if the facelift will have any effect , although critics say the changes are largely cosmetic and do n't go far enough .
5 But there 's a small group of farmers who say the reforms do n't go far enough , and that there should be a complete rethink of the way we farm our countryside .
6 Anna 's family fear the changes do n't go far enough
7 The one per cent cut in interest rates does n't go far enough .
8 The only real grumbles are that the tagging system does n't go far enough , a column and page breaking tag is essential , and that the keyboard shortcuts for the PC version seem to have been changed from the earlier version .
9 It goes in the right direction in so far as it does aim to re to continue to reduction in migration , but it does n't go far enough .
10 But one tyre specialist says the law does n't go far enough and he thinks the limit should be increased even further .
11 But it does n't go far enough .
12 Startling evidence that the National Health Service cancer screening programme does n't go far enough was revealed last November , with the release of shock figures from Action Cancer in Belfast .
13 The second point is on correspondence , I 'm absolutely certain that when a member of public writes in to any department , not necessarily highway , he expects and needs an immediate response , now I know you have , you have started the acknowledgement of our system , but I think it 's , it does n't go far enough , an acknowledgement card that simply says the thing is received and is receiving attention , needs to then indicate the individual to whom that matter has been passed for attention and that leads me to the third point and I think the general complaint on the public is that local government is seen as faceless people and I think we have to get in our mind to name people within our department , there 's not one mention about it in our promise , I think we need , unless I 've not read it , but I think , I think we , yes , but I think we need to mention people by name , senior people within the department who will respond to particular things and certainly where public comes into contact within the offices we must get around to wearing a name badge who says who that person is , people want to relate to a person and I think we can do that if we try .
14 Now what the Labour Group are doing is super , but it does n't go far enough .
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