Example sentences of "know for " in BNC.

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31 WHETHER HEROIN is at the root of this unreliability I do n't know for sure , nor am I about to proscribe the freedom — or is that stupidity — of anyone to take whatever substance they choose to take , be it alcohol , tobacco , heroin or carpet cleaner .
32 We do n't know for sure .
33 We do n't know for certain but it was probably to be given to you on your arrival . ’
34 Already the ‘ What I want for Christmas ’ letters are pouring into Mr Brooke , although the goodies ( we do n't know for certain what they will amount to — that would spoil the surprise — but if we are lucky they may amount to £36 million per sector ) will not be dispensed for two years at least .
35 Yes , probably , but I do n't know for sure .
36 She thought that her father probably now earned more than £100,000 a year , but she did not know for sure because it was nine years since she had last visited him , four years since she had last received a Christmas card from him .
37 How could Jaq know for sure ?
38 But even if we discover that vineyards vanished from south east England at a time when the climate was getting colder , we still do not know for sure why they disappeared .
39 It does n't know for certain , so it simply doubles whatever free space it thinks is left — after all the software is n't psychic and ca n't know what files are going to wind up on the hard disk .
40 We will know for ourselves the experience of God speaking through his written revelation to us .
41 One trouble is that one would n't know for which integers k , if any , the replacement of x by x + k would change the given polynomial into Eisenstein form .
42 People and animals portray in this , in the Tahiti painting , never seemed to be in a hurry , erm , even when always relaxed even when working and I wondered how much of this was cultural and erm , how much was due to the large amounts of erm drugs consumed in most paintings at this , this period but that I suppose I 'll , I 'll never know for sure about , erm with this painting I found in the background , er there 's a figure , that 's looking in on the situation and I , I for myself think 's its probably Gaugin , as he portrays himself as Christ , which I think he did quite a lot to me in , in , in a few of his paintings and so this painting gave me tremendous sense of being looked in on and this figure in the background , was the person that was doing the looking in .
43 In general elections we , we do n't normally know for sure until a few weeks beforehand what the date of the election is going to be .
44 How long it took the different ancestors of these very different animals to evolve such tongues we do not know for there is no fossil evidence of any antiquity to tell us , but it must have been several million years .
45 It may have even done so within the last few centuries , though no one can know for sure .
46 Do n't you know for yourself , Flavia ? ’
47 We do not know for certain what the total membership of any such set is , how many items belong to it , or the extent to which speakers vary in assigning items to the set .
48 One thing we did know for sure was that it was not keep-fit exercises that we needed but homes that were ‘ fit ’ to live in and incomes or benefits that prevented us from having to choose between dying from hypothermia or malnutrition !
49 Is that the general , I mean I do n't know for all you car drivers have any thing to say about public transport , maybe you do n't know any more but those of you who use it , I mean is hopeless the general view ? , yes
50 Grey you could say they were dark , if you did n't know for definite you could say they were dark trousers .
51 On the Dipper , if you had your eyes shut and your ears plugged up — so you could n't see or hear what was going on — and you just thought about how heavy or light you felt , and what was happening to your tummy — you would n't know for sure what was happening .
52 Then , when price is low firms do not know for sure whether it was because someone cheated ( produced a larger than agreed output ) , or because demand was low .
53 If only we could know for sure , but at that moment a guard came in and took away the television .
54 I ca n't say it 's been marvellously successful but I do know for a fact that the conditions of the working class was improved tremendously by organizations in the thing which has come to be described as trade-unionism .
55 ‘ I do n't know for sure where she goes , ’ he admitted to Wayne .
56 ‘ In fact , it may not turn out to be a job at all , but without you we could n't know for sure . ’
57 ‘ You do n't know for sure that this is why the agency was raided .
58 ‘ We do n't know for sure that it 'll strike , ’ said Duvall .
59 She still did n't know for sure if Chris had been murdered .
60 But we shall not know for some time yet .
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