Example sentences of "i [pron] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 He pay me nothing . ’
32 ‘ The strip showed huge distorted bodies with monster heads and twisted limbs sprouting with such things as : ‘ Vera , your beauty is unsurpassed in the undeniable excess of its obscenity and still you mouth me nothing but zero . ’ ’
33 ‘ If you kill me nothing will prevent Psepha killing you ! ’ shouted the prone dragonrider .
34 To be in charge of a Scotland team is something that gives me nothing but pride . ’
35 Crilly spares me nothing .
36 My diversion with the Frankensteins had gained me nothing .
37 ‘ You 've told me nothing about your future .
38 You owe me nothing . ’
39 You took my youth , my innocence — everything I had ! — and then you flung me aside when you knew I could give you nothing … and you left me nothing ! ’
40 As I said , the assurance would cost me nothing , because I am confident that it would not be activated .
41 ‘ She was paid weekly ; she owed me nothing . ’
42 Francis told me nothing of his intentions so I can only guess . ’
43 ‘ You 've told me nothing which would have been worth Edwin Garland taking the trouble to put into a letter and leave it with his lawyer .
44 ‘ You gave me nothing Fernando ! ’
45 You 've caused me nothing but problems ever since you … ’
46 ‘ The joke is , ’ said Nicol , crying into his pint , ‘ it was the only thing in the pub which cost me nothing .
47 Has n't cost me nothing has it ?
48 bloody told me nothing , go for it Dave .
49 In the next house you see I shall have to have different seating , they , they , I 'm going to , I 'm going to get somewhere smaller , so that three piece suite , it owes me nothing it only cost me what seven hundred pounds
50 But it owes me nothing now .
51 You told me nothing .
52 And nobody 's gon na give me nothing for that are they ?
53 Well you know me nothing
54 ‘ You know perfectly well that it is not me whom you love , but Mrs Greville , and the two children who are your responsibility , and , knowing that your heart lies with them , and not with me , I can not marry you . ’
55 I equally do n't want to sail into something that is er pretty undesirable and as my Noble Friend Lord Boyd-Carpenter says if we do that then almost certainly I do n't know I may be completely wrong , I 've got enormous faith in the my Right Honourable from my Noble Friend the Chief Whip and even more f faith in all my friends beh behind me whom I know will er go in , in the right direction because they think so erm superb , but My Lords er I would obviously like to see whether there is any way in which we can bridge this divide .
56 ‘ Ye told me yerself that ye do n't like it here . ’
57 Yer told me yerself 'e put the finger on the goin 's on at the Crown .
58 ‘ To me everyone in the pop has an image of being stoned and drunk every night .
59 ‘ Nero sent me them . ’
60 Certainly she does not show me them , of an evening , as we were used to do .
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