Example sentences of "i [verb] " in BNC.

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61 but I I 'm sorry b if you would let me answer .
62 He always rushed to the phone , he would n't let me answer the phone you see .
63 ‘ Someone in the audience has asked me to greet them the way the chimpanzees greet each other in the wild at Gombe , ’ Jane Goodall began .
64 In waking life it was too strong to allow me to indulge myself in secret feasts , and I no longer felt any desire for them .
65 ‘ Designing a ring is always a lengthy process which involves me producing a number of drawings until the customer and I get it right between us .
66 He seemed unconcerned at letting me loose on his half-share investment and I tried telling myself that ahead lay merely a quick pop over three undemanding obstacles , not the first searching test of my chances of racing .
67 He seemed to have forgotten about only letting me loose on water .
68 Your chairman was kind enough — before he let me loose on this most patient audience — to say that my attitude , for an historian , was very unhistorical and I took it that that was meant as praise .
69 I 'll recruit somebody to help me service my client bank , because it 's better to have fifty percent of something than fifty percent of nothing .
70 It certainly makes me regard the next car commercial with a new pair of eyes .
71 ‘ He said that he could n't pay me because he had to maintain his cash flow for the London opening , but what he would do was to let me regard what he owed me as a stake in the show . ’
72 Len looks at me andmutters , ‘ What 's he on about ? ’
73 However , these were now too low and my prospects too poor for me to continue along that track .
74 They were both trying to persuade me to continue with the radiotherapy and drugs . ’
75 ‘ Do n't be so fucking patronising , ’ she said , turning her back on me to continue a conversation with Geraldine Porter .
76 It was only after I had mentioned Miss Kenton that I suddenly realized how entirely inappropriate it would be for me to continue .
77 He stands in the doorway , forcing me to continue dripping in the hall , and says :
78 Leaving me to continue cleaning up , my husband climbed the ladder into the roof space to see what the situation was there .
79 " I always obey my father without question as I did today , and all I ask is that you help me to continue to do that . "
80 One way of addressing this is for me to continue to highlight some of the views of colleagues who have not , in the public mind at least , been closely associated with the anti-Federalist cause and several of whom were not , for instance , among the eighty-odd Conservative Members who signed one or both of the ‘ Fresh Start ’ Motions .
81 ‘ But both Graham and I knew it was impractical for me to continue in the job and remain as manager of Exeter . ’
82 To this the Queen returned a gracious reply which while maintaining the full impartiality of the Crown encouraged me to continue to do my best to serve her as her First Minister .
83 I , I er , you would not expect me to continue with the euphoria which you were trying to create earlier , and er , I have to say that I suppose that you would n't er , be proposing any different budget to this would you , in the circumstances that you 've got .
84 And that we actually op adopted a b a modern sensible er , reasonable attitude towards all living creatures and that we do today vote to ban fox hunting it is anachronistic as I said earlier , it is not necessary it actually causes harm , not only does it cause harm to foxes , but at least in one case , which is sufficient for me to continue my support for the ban damage to the people in my area .
85 But further acquaintance with the latest model forces me to acknowledge that the 1993 Applause is a well-equipped and well-finished machine .
86 It was much too late for me to acknowledge him .
87 This loss of control is frightening and therapy has helped me to acknowledge its existence , although I still do n't know why it happens .
88 BELVILLE : This happy estray thus restored begs leave by me to acknowledge its lovely owner !
89 me weeping .
90 I can imagine what he 'll think if you ring him up and say you 've found me weeping over my special patient !
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