Example sentences of "i [verb] " in BNC.

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31 He was practically begging me to agree . ’
32 " You ca n't expect me to agree with you on every single thing , Papa , " he said , keeping his voice low so that it did not carry to Senator Sherman and his sons , who were strung out in single file on their ponies behind them .
33 I argued and complained , and refused fifty times , but in the end he forced me to agree .
34 ‘ You do n't honestly expect me to agree to that idea ? ’
35 ‘ And you expect me to agree to all that ?
36 You do n't honestly expect me to agree to a statement like that , do you ? ’ he snapped violently .
37 However , the hon. Gentleman can not expect me to agree with his preface , in which he said that his right hon. Friend the Prime Minister had negotiated brilliantly .
38 Erm naturally enough you would n't expect me to agree with Miss that erm the figures that we 've put forward are against the regeneration strategy .
39 ‘ The trouble is that I know that all the time he 's only trying to ingratiate himself in order to get me to agree to a merger .
40 Cos people often used to say to me because I 'd , I 'd played everything you could play except golf , and , and er , and I , I , people used to say you did two men 's work and you I , I met a chap one day , this was an instance , I 'm not trying to blow me trumpet do n't think that at all .
41 He made me expose my bottom to him and he whipped me .
42 Do you want me to sew this back on for you babe ?
43 Of course , when do I go anywhere without me knitting ?
44 As the throng around me rippled and shifted , I had seen the occupants of two other , larger tables .
45 He and his friends would have me scoffed and hounded out of the county rather than see my house completed .
46 He did n't need me building up yet more false hopes which did nothing except try his patience .
47 One of his daughters takes me to borrow the telephone of a surly neighbour , who insists I pay for the call .
48 Perhaps you might even allow me to borrow one of your people as a guide around the city .
49 Nothing forbids me to dramatize the crisis by saying that the individual has found a new sense of his dignity in the knowledge that he is wholly free to choose , with the sole responsibility for his choice .
50 I want a divorce , that 's what I want , but he 'll not budge as long as he 's drawing two salaries and has me cooking for him — but I 'll not eat with him , I stick myself in that tiny kitchen in there — can you imagine the life I lead ?
51 I ca n't see me cooking . ’
52 She 's going to ring me to confirm . ’
53 ‘ You want me to confirm that something you feel is all right is truly all right , ’ said the counsellor .
54 These measurements were vital to Jack Mason who relied upon me to confirm where he should hit his shots and how hard .
55 He telephoned me at three o'clock in the morning , and asked me to confirm it .
56 ‘ No , no , let me answer that , Peregrine . ’
57 Let me answer the second question first .
58 ( Let me answer my own question .
59 ‘ But when they ask questions , let me answer , sir .
60 Let me answer , at least this one unasked question .
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