Example sentences of "be to " in BNC.

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31 Cos we need to cos we need to sort of all hands to the pump next week cos we 've got a big change-over Yeah but I know ink well no cos the leaflet he 's got has only just been approved and it 's going out next week yeah well I mean you 're to ha you 're to handle their enquiries er deal with their enquiries and then tell them to phone yeah yeah yeah but you see it 's the mailing that 's gone out and and then he 's got to do some advertising first two weeks in Feb .
32 In his speech er in that debate the honourable member for Edinburgh central and the bench er in his place today , er welcomed the government 's acceptance of Sir Thomas ' and the select committee 's recommendation and agreed er that it was in his words , important that the statutory duty of auditors ought to be clear so that er to use his colourful phrase , if whistles are to be blown they 're to be blown without doubt .
33 ‘ Well , judging from the size of the village , there may well be room for us if we 're to be content with small animals only , but I 'm afraid we 'll never get any farm work .
34 But when they 're to be ground up for fish meal it makes no difference .
35 The arches will never be seen in their original form again ; To preserve them against the increased exposure to the elements which lowering the water level will bring , they 're to be sprayed with a fine layer of protective concrete , leaving no visible sign of their remarkable survival .
36 But councillors are lokking for a more long term , solution … they 're to petion the county council for money for full time youth workers .
37 Three years after publisher Robert Maxwell sacked twenty one journalists from the Pergamon Press company , it 's been announced tonight that they 're to be paid thousands of pounds in compensation.The deal brings to an end one of the longest runing disputes in British trade union history .
38 And they know they 'll have to unite behind the new one if they 're to be a force at the next General Election .
39 And you 're to be allowed the freedom of the outer ward , to take air and exercise with me sometimes .
40 now it 's got big shops they 're , they 're to they 're top of the range and all now .
41 Mhm but they 're to be qualified people involved .
42 so I 'm not learning anything and then we 're to .
43 we , I 've had when we go down , on Thursdays we go to the sports hall sometimes if it 's wet and erm we 're to erm do things the teachers and I er , have tried a bit of basketball but I ai n't got it into
44 Oh god , who 's to my , you 're to my right are n't you Shell ?
45 The return system , we , we say to the girls they must come back but they 're to be incorporated within the round .
46 They 're to be eat away .
47 cos in a way they 're to nothing are n't they .
48 I 'm to be governess to a little boy in Edinburgh , and you 're to take charge of an antique loony in Penzance .
49 ‘ I 'm to be on the committee of the Society for the Relief of Distressed Widows , ’ she told him one day .
50 I 'm to be like you .
51 ‘ Any notion whom I 'm to special ? ’
52 And if you think I 'm to be taken in that easy , Miss Jennifer , then think again ! " and muttering to himself that it was as great a pity to see women weep as geese go barefoot , he took Ann by the arm and went back into his house .
53 I 'm to fast , on top of everything else .
54 ‘ I 'm to be slightly too clever , the hare to your tortoise , so that you can plod past me half-way round the course and make me look a fool . ’
55 My name is Howard DeVore and I 'm to be your host for the next eight hours . ’
56 ‘ Then I 'm to be a spectator , ’ she said .
57 I am going to be away Thurs–Sun this week ( Roland , my brother , is getting married and I 'm to be bridesmaid ) but perhaps you would n't mind giving me a ring sometime ?
58 Some boys if I 'm to be honest , but we have n't yet worked out the right way of gong about it .
59 Do I take it that I 'm to be redeemed from that particular fate ?
60 Many people have found its traditional keystrokes to be somewhat less than mnemonic , an opinion I tend to subscribe to , if I 'm to be honest .
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