Example sentences of "[was/were] talking to " in BNC.

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31 And now it is my duty to introduce Doctor and erm I think you said you were talking to us about yourself and erm also a little bit about your holidays ?
32 ‘ When you were talking to Gilbert .
33 Golding 's voice sank to a murmur , as if he were talking to himself rather than Derek .
34 ‘ I did n't realise you were talking to me , in fact . ’
35 Blanche coughed and responded that the police were talking to everyone who had been at the farewell party on the sixth floor , including Parkin and Pargeter .
36 Now write your ghost story and remember to include all the improvements you thought of when you were talking to your partner .
37 Now the children were talking to their friends .
38 The white men were talking to Goreng .
39 The hon. Gentleman is treating me as though he were talking to someone from Louisiana and wanting to finish the sentence before it has been started .
40 They were talking to a Coptic family , parents and two children .
41 You mention the fact that er you were talking to a new manager or relatively new , erm had w was the trouble if you like in any way related to the appointment of this new manager ?
42 I was n't sure if they were talking to me or not .
43 Do you remember that when we were talking to Gamal and his friends they mentioned some of the men that Leila had gone around with ? ’
44 approximately what year were talking to ?
45 You know who you were talking to .
46 yeah , erm yeah it was different erm with it only being role play it was a bit erm difficult to keep up with it sometimes and actually keep it going like , erm if it was the real life situation outside right you 'd know that the person you were talking to had more had been through that situation before
47 ‘ Who was that man you were talking to ? ’
48 Your own words proved it , when you were talking to Victoria about me . ’
49 ‘ If Glenn had been around today , ’ says Brannen , ‘ it probably would have been him you were talking to , not me .
50 It 's like other day , we were talking to this bloke like , and he were on about businesses , says you ca n't underst , oh he said something about finances , how difficult it is to get finance to start a business up and er , he said , I know , he said you ca n't me , he said .
51 I were talking to him on Friday , and er , I mean , they 've not been down there five minutes .
52 Anyway there 's a advertisement in there for Grays at Bentley and , it were funny because Jack and Sherry who we were talking to yesterday , they said that shop in Bentley did n't they ?
53 when they were talking to her .
54 When we were talking to the builders tha he were putting that in .
55 We were talking to a woman in the shop over this bathroom and he said , tt , let's make a .
56 And I was n't even talking when , I did n't know him from we were talking to him one night .
57 Well , at that stage we were talking to the men 's darts secretary came along and was saying , he 'd be quite interested in , in knocking up , you know , one of the Lancashire matches or something
58 When we have a when we were talking to them and we had the door through and my snooker got really good .
59 Oh , did you turn it on when they were talking to you ?
60 She was asking me what Brian it was , you were talking to her .
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