Example sentences of "[adv] happen to " in BNC.

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31 A day 's golf with the president of this company or that company when the fellow who makes up the four and plays with the president of the corporation just happens to be last year 's Masters Champion .
32 The user prepares a document using Berthold fonts and sends it to a bureau for output on an imagesetter which just happens to be running Hell-Xenotron 's Bridgit .
33 A random development , culturally reinforced , which just happens to be love rather than something else ?
34 The only thing they have in common is that they are all outgoing , extrovert , self-confident , irrepressible and generally sparky personalities — which just happens to be a pretty good recipe for attractiveness in a woman , as well as being the ideal make-up for sales . ’
35 I think Alone In the Dark just happens to be one of those games .
36 When you do this what you will see in the cell is either a 0 ( meaning False ) if what is actually in B10 is n't Bach or 1 ( meaning True ) if it just happens to be Bach .
37 it just happens to be the same amount at exactly the same time but how nice of him to explain and how silly of us to be taken in by this string of coincidences .
38 j it just happens to be one that I know about .
39 Later I mention this encounter to an old friend who just happens to be a former service supervisor for the phone company .
40 That game just happens to be the Tennent 's Irish Senior Cup semi-final against Avoca .
41 Well this to , to photograph anything , this just happens to be a camera and I suppose that would appeal to a lot of camera collectors to people that I er er who I work with , people I know , friends and that , they know I 'm interested in photography and they always ask me about cameras
42 Among the extra work which required a special piece of plant to be brought onto the site for one week and then returned 200 miles , there must be some extra work which just happens to be within the scope of a piece of plant which is already on site which would otherwise have been idle during the week in question .
43 So in other words they were just like any other sibling , just happens to be they were erm conceived at the same time and er developed in the womb together .
44 In this case it just happens to be true . ’
45 He 's a good-looking man , and the smile just happens to be part of the job .
46 ‘ Guy is not a yuppie , ’ Charles remonstrated , in the voice he reserved for humouring his little sister when she was being most irritating , ‘ He just happens to be a very successful … ’ her brother hesitated a fraction as if searching for the most appropriate description ‘ … entrepreneur . ’
47 Meanwhile Sir Clifford has engaged a nurse , Mrs Bolton … who just happens to be the village gossip .
48 Mine is not an isolated instance , it just happens to be the most famous , because it 's the first time such persecution has been exported to a western country .
49 McInally 's agent just happens to be Denis Roache .
50 But that 's , but that 's what I mean , they 're making , they 're saying let's make , when the white people make films black and white people watch them , they 're not specifically made for white people , not specifically made for black people , it just happens to be white actors .
51 Whereas normally people would have , in the O U P , U K , which just happens to be 6 out of 31 .
52 But what exactly happens to your body during this exhausting festive assault ?
53 If the population already happens to be dominated by genes for pathway 1 , selection will favour other genes for pathway 1 , and penalize genes for pathway 2 .
54 The vorticity intensification process will be strongest where the vorticity already happens to be large .
55 So what exactly happened to young Sarah , who was only 10 or 11 years old at the time ?
56 But these just happen to be his , he ca n't ‘ prescribe ’ them ‘ for art ’ ; what he wants to say must come to terms with what the form allows him ; art refuses to be imposed upon , to be dictated to , and Dostoevsky 's dictum will stand .
57 Earthworms are the main item in a badger 's diet and cow grazing pastures just happen to be a good source of earthworms .
58 As with the intertidal communities , coral reefs flourish in regions that just happen to be especially favoured .
59 What is in question is the comfortable argument that socially acceptable forms of work organisation always just happen to be those that are the most efficient .
60 You know , just happen to be passing when they 're going out of school . ’
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