Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] give " in BNC.

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31 The fish gives a little , so I give a little , which is a mistake , for the fish takes advantage of my generosity and dives again for whatever refuge it seeks under the raft .
32 I 'm frightened of these teenagers so I give in to their demands for money .
33 After the first few months , George was insistent that she give up the market stall .
34 She could not have borne it if he were suddenly to change his mind and demand that she give the whole thing up .
35 It can also mean " unrestrained " in the sense either of freedom to act or prodigality in giving : what Wilekin wants is that she give herself .
36 And £400 of tax can be saved for every £1,000 that you give .
37 The only conditions the Taxman lays down is that you give the same amount regularly for at least four years and that you are a UK taxpayer .
38 A trust left in the form ‘ I demand ’ or ‘ I desire that you give ’ is also valid ; and so is one ‘ I wish my estate to be Titius ' ’ or ‘ I know that you will make over my estate to Titius ’ .
39 As I said in earlier chapters , though , when you live alone two things are very important — firstly that you love and take care of yourself , and secondly , that you give yourself a treat now and then .
40 If you do not keep a dream diary , I strongly recommend that you give it a try .
41 GARDEN , BACK : The thing that you give all your wet washing to and never get back .
42 The format of your print outs will be partly based on this information that you give here .
43 Within each schedule you need to identify the priorities and to make certain that you give them their due weight and tackle them first .
44 This was regarded by many of the erstwhile " bolting " party as the twilight of reason before the Collector 's increasingly communistic inclinations demanded that you give up not only your stores , but perhaps your spare clothes , and , who knows ? maybe even your wife as well .
45 If customer complaints pass your desk , ensure that you give them maximum time and personal attention .
46 ( 3 ) The replies that you give are not evidence against you in any later criminal trial that may arise from this case .
47 And make sure that you give it the way they want .
48 Now erm all the gifts that you give at Confirmation the whole idea of Confirmation in well one of the main ideas of Confirmation is taking on board for yourself what your parents promised for you in baptism .
49 that you give them additional training so they
50 And then , turning its head to look round the workshops , it said , ‘ We do not ask of you that you give us your slaves , Robemaker , for it is vital that the Looms are kept weaving .
51 You 're right the breast milk that you give Nathan has some nutritional value .
52 So when you 're planning your retirement , make sure that you give yourself a reasonable standard of living in terms of income .
53 It 's important that you give an accurate description of your occupation to your intermediary or insurer as this will affect your premium and the terms and conditions of your policy .
54 ‘ Do n't tell me that you give a damn , ’ she said , ‘ do n't tell me that I 've been anything to you but a brief interlude . ’
55 That 's right trying to find work these days can be demanding and extremely frustrating so you want to make sure that you give yourself the best chance of getting a job and one way to help is to do a good application form and know how to handle yourself in an interview .
56 One of the teachers was saying that you give children pieces of paper to draw anything and most of them will draw a soldier carrying a gun or Caspers , or helicopters , something to do with war .
57 One way in which he does that he thinks is by plural voting , that you give the educated more than one vote , he says we have to make sure the educated do n't form their own class with their own class interests , but , but giving the educated a bigger say will lead us to make better decisions he thinks .
58 To be effective you 've got to structure the information that you give .
59 [ Op para ] I would ask that you give your close attention to the document relating to Costs and Funding , and let me have your instructions as soon as possible .
60 Erm the managing director in front of Mr erm said to me , It wo n't affect your wages but what we will ask is that you give the company car back until a period of time that your wife passes a test in which case it can be given to your wife as indeed managerial status Mr .
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