Example sentences of "[noun] all over " in BNC.

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31 It had yellow eyes and grey hair all over its body .
32 I found her by the side of the house with her dog , looking like a complete tramp , with a patched-up old coat and hair all over the place .
33 The little one was podgy with puppy fat and a front tooth missing and a ravishing smile and hair all over the place .
34 hair all over his chest and shoulders —
35 Hair all over the place ? ’
36 He was the sort of man who was always punctual and here she was with her hair all over the place and a shiny nose .
37 ‘ I saw the evidence with my own eyes , Melanie wearing only a dressing-gown , her hair all over the place .
38 mine , with hair all over it , my hair for my brush
39 Woke me up , shouting your secrets all over the mill . ’
40 ‘ During the spring Cry hopes to gather many thousands of signatures all over real Yorkshire in order to convince the Local Government Commission that Yorkshire people wish to see their county made whole again , ’ he said .
41 He said his name was Christmas and he had worked his magic act in theatres and royal palaces all over the world .
42 It was quite funny really , garages all over Middleton overflowing with paper , ’ says Dave Fielding .
43 An intensive bout of lobbying by both sides followed during the next month , both in New York and in capital cities all over the world .
44 His mother was called a counter-revolutionary and his father was made to divorce her ; his schooldays were postponed as cities all over China exploded into violence ; his father was publicly denounced and sent to a reform camp ; and Liang Heng and his sisters were sent to labour in the countryside .
45 And , after some 40 exhibitions in cities all over the world , she can boast that every one of her 1,000 well-loved paintings has been sold , apart from a few she has deliberately reserved for herself .
46 And in this sense , when we liberate South Africa we will also create , we hope a state in the world which will become foremost in fighting racism all over the world and at the lower level our community based organizations our non-governmental organizations that have across colour built up structures to move communities forward if our friends in Eastern Europe and elsewhere could see how that is done at grass roots level in the hell of racism as I say they would have a lot to learn .
47 With our London office , we are perfectly placed to compete with solicitors all over the country , and , what 's more , we charge less . ’
48 The family name , Beurze , explains the origins of the name for similar operations all over the Continent .
49 In 1855 he built the first section of the Llanidloes- Newton line , and later extended his operations all over Wales .
50 Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas all over the world ? 02 .
51 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
52 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
53 There are NHS family planning clinics all over the country .
54 So of course , ’ Dig for Victory ’ signs all over the place , you know everything was dug up : parks and gardens — everything , and a lot of the workmen had to be trained then to grow corn .
55 Lewis 's and Blackler 's burnt out , and Lime Street — you ca n't hardly move for the hosepipes all over the ground . ’
56 It has been reproduced in millions and has served as the model for metro maps all over the world .
57 He shrugged the shirt off , flung it to the floor , unfastened the waist of the immaculate beige trousers , disposed of the rest of his clothes with a cool composure which sent tiny shivers all over the heated surface of her body .
58 His target was ‘ the spate of mean building all over the country that is shrivelling up the Old England — mean and perky little houses that surely none but mean and perky little souls should inhabit with satisfaction ’ ( p. 15 ) .
59 At that time ( 1911–39 ) there were girls ' clubs all over the country .
60 Dee makes plenty of long journeys to clubs all over the country usually in a hired Ford Fiesta , as he does n't own a car .
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