Example sentences of "[pron] just happen " in BNC.

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31 I just happened to know that Geoffrey was keen to meet you again , and you do seem to be at a loose end at the moment .
32 I was in the US over the summer ( yes , I just happened to see a couple of the England games ) and it was the same there — ordinary match-going footie fans who like a drink and a bit of crack ( fun , that is ) , and who all supported loads of different teams mixing together happily enough .
33 I just happened to be in the corridor .
34 The things I said may have been unjustified , and the fact that I just happened to be bloody tired and bad-tempered was no excuse .
35 I just happened to be in the right place at the right time . ’
36 I just happened to have a photograph .
37 I just happened to pick , I picked the favourite and everyone was going .
38 I just happened to see these selection of pots no I think there these fancy ones more
39 Yeah well I was talking , I was talking to a friend and they said that , you know , there 's some homophobic attacks and some of them just happen to occur because people are walking in a gay area
40 Its just happened so fast , ’ says the former Shanna Jackson .
41 Yes , and she phoned me and she said I feel as though I dropped out of the bottom of the world she said , you know , I just do n't see anybody , I said well of course you were working on Mondays , you see she used to have Mondays to herself and I would often go round on a Monday afternoon and , we , we could talk , but that 's gone and I said I ca n't run in at half past five when you get home from school and chat to you because Ned will be coming home at six and I do n't want to be there all that often when he 's there erm its you know , its just happened and I also thought to myself and I 'm probably going to move a lot further away then Fen Lane .
42 They are the closest thing to a random selection of books printed in English that anyone might find in any shop , a fair sample of our literature which just happens to have been discarded as worthless .
43 During the 1970s several teams attempted to refute this claim , arguing that the connection is a figment of Arp 's imagination , that it is an optical illusion caused by the overlap of isophotes ( light contours ) from the two objects , or that it is an illusion caused by a star or galaxy which just happens to be located between the two objects .
44 We sometimes surprise ourselves as well as our near and dear ones by suddenly exploding into unreasonable anger over a trifling offence which just happens to be the last straw that breaks the camel 's back .
45 → I do n't think that our look at the Carlton Combo was anything other than a fair , unbiased review of a new product which just happens to incorporate a different technology along the way .
46 We shall be considering The Prelude as a poem at the appropriate point in the Critical Survey ; for the moment I propose to refer to it simply as evidence of Wordsworth 's internal struggles and preoccupations , as if it were a diary or a letter to a friend which just happens to be in verse .
47 Most philosophical systems of ethics , and most popular moralizing , are radically flawed because they recommend morality to us either as what it is in our own best ultimate interests to do , or alternatively try to promote it by appeal to our feelings , for example feelings of compassion , or ( like Hutcheson ) by reference to some kind of moral sentiment which just happens to be part of human nature .
48 It also means that any kind of thought not in tune with these imperatives is , by definition , unfashionable and will not prosper ; which just happens to suit our masters and mistresses very well indeed .
49 The user prepares a document using Berthold fonts and sends it to a bureau for output on an imagesetter which just happens to be running Hell-Xenotron 's Bridgit .
50 A random development , culturally reinforced , which just happens to be love rather than something else ?
51 The only thing they have in common is that they are all outgoing , extrovert , self-confident , irrepressible and generally sparky personalities — which just happens to be a pretty good recipe for attractiveness in a woman , as well as being the ideal make-up for sales . ’
52 Among the extra work which required a special piece of plant to be brought onto the site for one week and then returned 200 miles , there must be some extra work which just happens to be within the scope of a piece of plant which is already on site which would otherwise have been idle during the week in question .
53 Whereas normally people would have , in the O U P , U K , which just happens to be 6 out of 31 .
54 Caught by the uplift of hot air from the fluorescent tubes , all the smoke was drawn into the hood and onto the water 's surface , which just happened to have a protein skimmer waiting to mix it into solution .
55 Spooner 's idea came from an invitation by his actor-neighbour , Jim Dale , to visit the set of the latest Carry On … film at Pinewood — which just happened to be Carry On Cleo .
56 I was n't inclined to linger anyway ; the day I arrived I caught a bus in the square which just happened to have Collioure on the front .
57 Singly and in groups , in a variety of motorised transport , ranging from thirty-ton sixteen wheelers to private cars , they were converging on their Operations HQ — which just happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to the County Sheriff 's office in Rockford !
58 When these result in avoidable death , and they do , then it could be anyone who just happens to be there — employees , consumers , ordinary citizens .
59 Later I mention this encounter to an old friend who just happens to be a former service supervisor for the phone company .
60 It looks ordinary enough … but inside it 's packed with high tech electronics … it 's the work of local man Richard Marshall , who just happens to head of electronics for the Benetton Formula Grand One Prix team , putting some ideas into practice .
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