Example sentences of "[pron] just happened " in BNC.

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31 Caught by the uplift of hot air from the fluorescent tubes , all the smoke was drawn into the hood and onto the water 's surface , which just happened to have a protein skimmer waiting to mix it into solution .
32 Spooner 's idea came from an invitation by his actor-neighbour , Jim Dale , to visit the set of the latest Carry On … film at Pinewood — which just happened to be Carry On Cleo .
33 I was n't inclined to linger anyway ; the day I arrived I caught a bus in the square which just happened to have Collioure on the front .
34 Singly and in groups , in a variety of motorised transport , ranging from thirty-ton sixteen wheelers to private cars , they were converging on their Operations HQ — which just happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to the County Sheriff 's office in Rockford !
35 Both men had leapt to their feet and had been restrained from using violence by the mates of the shop steward , who just happened to be on hand .
36 BBS seriously considered firing Hopper ; the pressure of moving a production team of twenty-three people from state to state , writing the script on the run and persuading innocent citizens of the United States of America who just happened to be passing at the time to appear in the movie , was a heavy burden for all .
37 One senior source said : ‘ It is possible to believe that the Diana recording was made by a radio ham who just happened to pick it up .
38 ‘ The whole thing has got out of control , I 'm not so much bored as miserable , ’ confided Diana to a sympathetic neighbour who just happened to be a journalist .
39 Most of Rory 's pals in London were in the International Marxist Croup , but here he was ; wandering the hills with an upper class dingbat who just happened to be married to his sister and who lived for huntin' , shootin' and fishin' ( and seemed to spend the absolute minimum amount of time in his castle with his wife ) , and who had just last year rationalised half the work force in the glass factory out of a job .
40 Hincmar of Rheims wrote to give orders to a neighbouring count who just happened to be his kinsman : it is not hard to see how an archbishop might refer to the local counts collectively as " his " , or the draftsman of a capitulary write in general terms of " archbishops and their counts " .
41 They are pictured with the regional field salesmen who just happened to come in on photo day !
42 The station commander , who just happened to be a bit of an oppo of mine called " Bull " Jarmen — a great monster of a fellow and a Kiwi to boot — who was heard to say : " Well , it was very convenient him leaving it there ; you did not have to travel very far to collect it or find out what happened to the undercarriage . "
43 Yeah I know but I did n't think I treat I thought no I 'll go safe put them far then you just happened to put two three in the of two king .
44 I was n't looking for something to fill my life by having her , she just happened .
45 It belonged to a huge and beautiful seal who said she just happened to have been drawn that way .
46 And also , the use of the yellow background , I do n't know , erm whether it was deliberately chosen or whether she just happened to be standing there , but the yellow background makes it stand out .
47 Alan was in London talking business with his agent , Audrey Ellison , when she just happened to mention a letter she had received from a friend in Budapest about a young pianist who was about to be hauled into the Hungarian army to do his national service .
48 On our first night in France , exhausted after a ferry crossing , we just happened to fetch up in this little village on the Loire , in a hotel on the second floor of a hotel where , indeed , we opened the shutters — and we were looking at the west end of the Romanesque Abbey of St Benoit sur Loire , which is a most striking church where the remains of the saint are interred in a little casket in the crypt .
49 We were able to help him … we can see their house from our bedroom and we just happened to be looking out of the window at the time , do n't you know . ’
50 I said I did n't know the other guys , we just happened to be in the same pub .
51 We just happened to be in the pool at the same time , that 's all . ’
52 This friend of ours who lost his wife last year , well we 've got another friend who was very fond of her she also smokes we just happened to me we did n't say
53 say to th this chap you know but we just happened to mention in passing to Jeanette and she really jumped and said oh Pat did n't smoke a lot .
54 And we just happened to see it as were was coming back from Thurmaston we popped in and sa granddad got a
55 oh we just happened to be down town
56 This respondent echoed the thoughts of the first by concluding that ‘ … it looks as if he 's played around in the paint , trying to create something — or he 's got confused and mixed everything up and something just happened ’ .
57 Something just happened .
58 Erm , oh er , in P E , erm , we 're setting up tents , and I was the bats and I 'm amazed , something just happened .
59 He would use her as one used a paper towel , as an object of little worth that one just happened to find useful .
60 They just happened in the natural order of things .
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