Example sentences of "[been] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 ‘ It 's been ages , ’ Jessica said .
32 It 's been ages since well , since I looked , but I 'm sure it 's something like that .
33 Been ages since the last time , it were about two year I .
34 What the creation of the Parisian chef ( his name is said to have been Philippe , owner of a restaurant in the rue Montorgueil ) has lost in splendour it has gained in ancient antecedents and a background which will make a godsend for publicity men , compilers of travel literature , and the experts in picturesque magazine cookery .
35 During 1986 and 1987 , more than two-thirds of their work was repeat business ; in 1985 it had been 80% , so much of the increase in volume was due to winning new clients .
36 Ironically , Nevin had been Tranmere 's only slight disappointment up until producing a clinical finish to punish defender Richard Smith 's miscued header eight minutes from time .
37 The worst affected have been birds such as the terns and kittiwakes which feed by catching small fish near the sea surface by shallow plunge-diving .
38 His rightful heir , according to the tradition of tanistry , should have been Kenneth III 's grandson , but Malcolm had already disposed of him and other possible candidates while laying plans for his own grandson Duncan to succeed .
39 It says because her boss would of been Kenneth Clarke is it ?
40 Jane uses the car then on Friday did n't she when she 's been hairdressers ?
41 He was smiling at the King with something that , under normal circumstances , might have been admiration .
42 Until an alleged audit failure is investigated , the Institute does not know whether there has been negligence .
43 Sometimes it may seem obvious that there must have been negligence , as in the case of the purchaser of a bath bun who found a stone in the middle of it ( Chaproniere v. Mason ( 1905 C.A. ) ) .
44 Where it can be established that there has been negligence , of course compensation is payable .
45 There may be an exception if the event causing the injury or damage could only be reasonably explained by assuming there had been negligence .
46 The problem is that until such time as a particular expert system is used by a sufficient number of practitioners ( sufficient to be classed as a responsible body ) , anyone using an expert system is taking a chance should the advice turn out to be wrong although it must be stressed that the fact that advice is wrong does not inevitably and conclusively mean that there has been negligence .
47 It had been Dalrymple 's idea to require the clan chiefs to take the oath of allegiance and it became obvious that he had hoped for an opportunity to punish one clan as an example to the others .
48 Had it been Dierdriu 's son ?
49 The Beretta 92 had always been Sabrina 's favourite handgun but Graham still secretly hankered for the Colt .45 he had first started to use in Vietnam .
50 There must have been text books around at one time but I can not even identify any titles let alone suppliers .
51 Robert de Niro has always been case as the Invisible Man of Hollywood .
52 When this happens the rest of the school , who along the way have trained with the successful runner , may have beaten him on occasion , have been course markers , marshals , timekeepers , supporters and team-mates , really feel that sport is n't just another soap opera glimpsed on television or paraded through the back pages of the newspapers — it 's something that they are actively experiencing at first hand for themselves .
53 had been Hull University 's social secretary and was a successful agent representing British and international artists .
54 There will have been progress on the creation of a single European market , especially in financial services .
55 Knill said that there had been progress in collaboration with HEIs over responsive mode funding and with NERC 's institutes .
56 There had been progress .
57 But at least it would give us some because you could say well yes , there has been progress , erm primary school might have said
58 There has been progress in the integration of community languages into the mainstream curriculum but the progress is pitifully slow , with a number of factors compounding a lack of confidence amongst those campaigning for greater sensitivity towards and encouragement of the forms of language brought by pupils into British Schools .
59 A further consequence arising from studies of process has paradoxically been progress towards a more integrated approach because investigations of one specific process have often proceeded to encompass other processes in the way that soil process investigations have become involved with hillslope processes and with plant-soil moisture relationships and also with boundary layer climatology .
60 I do n't know what progress is , but I do n't think that would really have been progress , " I said .
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