Example sentences of "[is] just " in BNC.

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31 But that is just the start . ’
32 The rest is just froth if we fail in that . ’
33 There is just enough décor and furniture to prevent it from looking empty , but space and simplicity are the most powerful impressions made on the visitor — what Leonard called in a different context ‘ the voluptuousness of austerity . ’
34 There is just no justification . ’
35 For a physicalist , a mode of access is just a physical process , so any mode of access V enjoys should , if physicalism be true , be available to BS .
36 But this is just what the physicalist can not allow .
37 Certainly , the idea that when I look at my spectacles and think ‘ So that 's where I put them ’ I am having thousands of other little thoughts at the same time is a silly idea , and some would say that the doctrine of the holism of the mental is just a silly idea .
38 But really it is just a reductio ad absurdum of the mental sentence view .
39 Well if that is the case , then this is just another way of expressing the holism of the mental .
40 Indeed , as I mentioned above , there is plenty of evidence from research with the very young infants that their input systems allow them to make appearancereality distinctions ( for example , apparent versus real shape ) at so young an age that the possibility that they have to rely upon records of their actions to do this is just not worth considering .
41 As Piaget said himself when reporting his original data , it is just not possible to explain the seven-month-old 's failure to search in terms of memory failure ( that is the baby knows that objects exist unperceived but keeps forgetting that this object went behind there ) because if an organism had a memory this bad it would ipso facto lack object permanence .
42 The CTP proclaims that the link between the perceived object and the perception is just an ordinary bit of the great causal nexus of nature ( it needs to believe this , as we shall see presently ) and yet it is prepared to accept that this segment of the chain has a rather privileged status ; at the very least , that it has a beginning and an end .
43 I am afraid I am cynical enough to believe this is just another round of a giant game of poker , where the only thing that will matter in the end will be the size of the cheque .
44 ‘ He has been crying out for support for ages , and I am sure that this new opportunity is just what he is looking for . ’
45 Slowly pull the barbell upwards , keeping it close to the stomach and chest until it is just underneath the chin and the elbows are pointing upwards .
46 It is a heavy serviceable machine and I am not really knocking Wilson because in another situation it would probably do a very good job but for us it is just not a very pleasant tool to be with .
47 Some shielding from sum , wind and rain should be provided even if it is just a capping to the board , and the whole fixed on some sheltered wall .
48 It is just that it could have been more meaningful and less unpleasant had it felt a touch more like a pilgrimage than a harsh , faceless drive for productivity .
49 And another one is just round the corner as this book is published .
50 Allied Breweries ' Taylor Walker subsidiary may consider the chain is just what they are looking for to increase their estate .
51 It is perhaps worth mentioning a recently developed crag which is just off the Moustiers road , about four kilometres outside La Palud .
52 Tip on the concrete and level out with a rake until it is just about the level of the formwork
53 In an allegedly animal-friendly society , where the rules for pets in public places are generally blurred and often very bad , it 's pleasing to put your head down on a strange pillow knowing your pet is just a pat away .
54 He is just surprised .
55 It might be objected that the doubleness is just a trick of Porfiry 's .
56 What falls less easily into place is the judgment about relative importance , urgency , contemporary relevance , nearness to reality ; because Raskolnikov comes over as a very grand and accessible conception , a nineteenth-century bohemian Hamlet was one way of putting it , whereas Verkhovensky is just a wrecker .
57 It could be said as brusquely of Iago that he is just a wrecker .
58 And the novel which got written breathes life into this sentence 's very unpromising warrant for the ‘ truth ’ of what is being told , namely that there are hard facts or perhaps it is just being made up .
59 Sometimes he is just a secondary figure floating in the novel 's bloodstream , as at the fête where he has got roped in with a few other young men to be a marshal and make sure everything goes smoothly .
60 Of course Kirillov is anything but a normal human being ; and that is just the point .
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