Example sentences of "[is] that " in BNC.

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31 Myers continues : ‘ Hopefully , it 's not that we 're stupid , it 's that we 're naive and uninitiated .
32 It 's that Dee who 's having the party .
33 He was just pointing out little do 's and don't 's that might not have occurred to the eager amateur .
34 The only good news to offset my ‘ disgrace ’ was that Father had proved such a success at Marconi 's that he had been appointed an assistant manager in the research department dealing with radio materials .
35 Oh , what a buzz it must give the dolt to have the impressionable whispering ‘ ooh , there 's that Shaun Ryder , he was a DRUG ADDICT . ’
36 And it was n't the rope , it was a pair of fancy stockin 's that they dish out , so I was told . ’
37 Perhaps a solution for the JTO 's that are finding difficulty in coping with the current situation would be for those of them that have both hard and grass courts at their club to run a two tier event , i.e. a Series tournament on the hard courts coupled with age group doubles and mixed on the grass .
38 It 's that that keeps me going .
39 Prior to his arrival Sotheby 's ( still specialising heavily in books at this date ) had an unwritten agreement with Christie 's that they sent them any pictures brought to their offices and in return Christie 's sent them any books they received for sale .
40 She further declared that any charges of heresy against Pole would be heard in England , announcing in words ironically reminiscent of her father 's that : ‘ she would in observance of the laws and privileges of her realm , refer them [ the charges ] to the cognisance and decision of her own ecclesiastical courts . ’
41 These convictions had become sufficiently general amongst antislavery reformers by the mid-1820s that local associations in , for example , Norwich , Beverley , Hull and Whitby all dismissed comprehensively the argument in Cobbett 's Register and Blackwood 's that labourers in Britain suffered worse material conditions than West Indian slaves .
42 Close inspection of Figure 3.3 , which is based on Wood 's simulation , show 's that two conditions have to be satisfied for this sort of result to emerge .
43 Compania de Telefonos de Chile SA 's $182.6m proposed convertible bond issue won ratings of triple-B-minus rating from Standard & Poor 's Corp , and Baa-3 from Moody 's Investors Service Inc ; Standard & Poor 's said its rating reflects the company 's dominant position in local telephone services , growth prospects , and favourable regulatory framework ; Moody 's that it believes the company will continue to be the largest telecommunications company in Chile and will benefit from a supportive regulator .
44 It 's got nothing to do with national security ; it 's that they may embarrass some dear old buffer who did a lot of damage .
45 We need only recognize that history is a method with no distinct object corresponding to it to reject the equivalence between the notion of history and the notion of humanity which some have tried to foist on us with the unavowed aim of making historicity the last refuge of a transcendental humanism : as if men could regain the illusion of liberty on the plane of the ‘ we ’ merely by giving up the ‘ I 's that are too obviously wanting in consistency .
46 Within the general framework of his attack on the humanistic Hegelian tradition of Western Marxism , Althusser 's specific objection to Sartre 's attempt to mediate Marxism with existential subjectivity was that such a move went against the crucial discoveries which had founded Marxism in the first place ; in an extension of Lévi-Strauss ' argument , he maintained that the notion of ‘ man ’ that Sartre used was derived from a particular ideological definition of the human subject which represses Marx 's insight that the human subject is not the centre of history , together with Freud 's that the subject is not centred in consciousness .
47 One I mean one of the reason 's that we 've actually changed these round and and do n't think it 's right is because the has a there 's been a cut cut cost cutting exercise within the building .
48 The point 's that I think is trying to be made is that there are a lot of people here tonight who do wish to express an opinion and that opinion is not necessarily formulated in question form .
49 Then within the team 's , in the Policy Team there were three Policy Development Officer 's , in the Neighbourhood Development Team there were two Development Officer 's and in the Community Development Team there are one , two , there are well there are normally six officer 's that you could I that you could identify , but there are other people that relate to them , but then it gets a bit complicated so were keep it at that .
50 Erm , and then we get requests for things from the leader of the Council directly , that he wants us to respond to , the chair of that committee to erm will , will do the same thing , we 'll get requests from other departments relating to our work , some of which might of been you , we erm , the Council has a group for the finance advisory group , which is a small group of Councillor 's and officer 's that meet to discuss not in , in public session , key erm financial and other major policy erm issues that , and the reason why that group was set up , erm was that it felt like with the introduction of Poll Tax and the Local Government Housing and Finance Tax , that it needed outside the committee cycle to erm review the impact of those legislation to look at it 's finances more closely and what , and we as a policy team report into that group and get request from work from that group as well .
51 ‘ It 's that muvvers ’ meetin' what 's doin' it , I 'm sure it is .
52 When they asked him where it was that my father had wanted to build the gallery , he said something like , ‘ Well , you know , it 's that place near the pond between the pond and the obelisk ’ , meaning the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool .
53 If you do n't turn up , that 's that , they do n't do anything more about it .
54 These days the deal is often struck at the time of divorce ; and usually it 's that the house goes to your wife , for good .
55 An interesting warning can be gathered from Pooley 's that remaining in such an area for more than one minute risks possible harm from radiation .
56 In the 1960s Kennedy Round of multilateral trade negotiations , the much-acclaimed reductions in barriers to manufactures , trade did little for those LDC 's that were poorly placed to produce , let alone export them .
57 Thus we have Macdonald reporting on the " almost unanimous chorus of opinion that women 's work as compositors is so inferior to men 's that it does not pay in the long run " ( the chorus in question being from employers ) But the testimony of individual employers is far from unanimous or even consistent .
58 " Well , that 's that got to do with it ? "
59 Er , for the , for the phase three , which is the one that we 've got , the one 's that are rented already the , the money does n't actually become available until er that date , spring ninety four .
60 It 's that , really , that makes people call them crazy .
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