Example sentences of "[is] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 It 's as if I 've won a marathon , or a prize , or some huge event that I 've been training for for months .
32 It 's as if it 's what I should have worn all along .
33 It 's as if we 're taking responsibility for men 's problem , but if I want to be safe , I feel I have to .
34 Modi also liked his food smothered in garlic : ‘ when I eat garlic it 's as if I kiss the mouth of the woman I love . ’
35 You spoke of your preference for fashion earlier , it 's as if fashion photography is more honest …
36 It 's as if my mind has suddenly broken through into a new area , a space , a vast capacity which I never dreamt I had .
37 When the wind changes it 's as if you have never played the hole before .
38 It 's as if she made it herself , ’ he said , munching happily on the fish ball .
39 It 's as if we are taking part not in real life but in a piece of reportage on the British constitutional system ’ ( 22 October 1964 ) .
40 It 's as if we 're rehearsing it : what 's my next line ?
41 ‘ It 's as if the batteries are dead , ’ she said .
42 It 's as if they think there 's something wrong with me .
43 Sometimes it 's as if he 's constantly rejecting the first idea that comes into his mind , and plays the second instead .
44 And when a tune like that comes along , it 's as if they 've always known that song , and so then you tap in the song and that 's why you 're doing the record .
45 It 's as if he were giving a performance of some character he 's dreamed up , and his pale eyes wander in search of effect even in his apparently wildest moments . ‘
46 It 's as if he has heroically outlined himself , Lee thought , become the most significant member of the group .
47 It 's as if he 's still here .
48 Otherwise it 's as if there 's a monster on the mountain , no , as if some dark being haunts us both .
49 It 's as if we are gabbling the end of a play we are in .
50 It 's as if you 'd gone out into the bigger world and found out that it 's frightening or that it hurts , so you go home .
51 ‘ It 's as if the skin that separates you from those horrible things in the newspaper has been ripped away , ’ says Alexandra Campbell , who six years ago was the victim of an attack in her own home .
52 It 's as if having been a victim once , you suddenly realise you could be vulnerable again .
53 Out for some time but still popular are Jilly Cooper 's POLO , ( Corgi , £5.99 ) and Jeffrey Archer 's AS THE CROW FLIES ( Coronet , £5.99 ) .
54 ‘ It 's as if he knows one bad performance will result in him being dropped by Graham .
55 It 's as if she taps into something greater , and acts with no reservation .
56 But when Gilbert sighs ‘ They give us names like paedophile , racist — all the names you can imagine ’ , it 's as if they wonder what all the fuss is about .
57 In nightclubs and pop promo videos , it 's as if the banshees have come down screaming from the catwalk , staggering in their stilettos under the weight of their Max Factor cosmetics and costume jewellery .
58 It 's a romantic notion I know — but to me , with his system idling yet the brain activity so intense , I think it 's as if he 's trying to come to a decision . ’
59 But I ca n't explain it , it 's as if the devil himself is down there , and there 's this horrible smell that chokes you and at the same time you get the feeling that something evil is lying in wait for you .
60 ‘ Sometimes , it 's as if it takes a breathing space . ’
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