Example sentences of "[v-ing] to " in BNC.

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31 This belief in a woman 's heightened sexuality during her period may also have contributed to her being considered dangerous and hence polluting to all males .
32 Catalysts convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide , which is less toxic , but equally polluting to the environment .
33 Charged with ‘ riotous and tumultuous assembling to the terror of His Majesty 's subjects ’ .
34 ‘ Philip was one who brought stability and understanding to CUM in camps , houseparties and meetings .
35 Pearson hoped that the sense of authenticity in his films would ‘ carry feeling and understanding to an audience , ’ but it was odd to imagine he could achieve genuine popularity by avoiding suspense and dramatic conflict .
36 In places , it defies understanding to this day .
37 They suggested that pupil results should be presented as an attainment profile and that for each subject there should be a very small number of ‘ profile components ’ which reflected the variety of knowledge skills and understanding to which a study of the subject gave rise .
38 My parents are broadminded , liberal and understanding to the extent that I probably could never match .
39 If his explanations were wrong , it made no difference to his faith ; if they were right , they strengthened the community of believers against the attacks of critics , and added the pleasure of understanding to the duty of believing .
40 We may certainly talk of animals , in the absence of speech , ‘ consciously intending ’ or being compassionate , both of which carry implications of understanding to some degree .
41 Tough love should be kind , gentle and understanding to both the family member and the primary sufferer , while nonetheless allowing each to be fully responsible for his or her own feelings and behaviour and for taking the full consequences of all choices of individual action .
42 Their role is to give depth , colour and understanding to the issues at hand , and to provide a broad context ( or " environment " ) by which to guide the more specific calculation of quantitative forecasts described above .
43 Explanatory forecasting These techniques are used to assist , techniques augment and inform the quantitative forecasting process , giving depth , colour and understanding to the issues at hand .
44 Though warm and understanding to his students , stories of his sharpness orally and in correspondence abound .
45 In such cases the use of a professionally drafted memorandum of understanding to which all shareholders are party is recommended .
46 One till three as well the Special Needs Support Group are meeting at Ilkeston Health Centre and they offer mutual support and understanding to those parents who have children with special needs .
47 In moral education , the young person needs to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding to be able to make a mature , personal response to Jesus ' invitation in relation to judgements of moral value .
48 ‘ She is my abuelita already in my heart , Señorita Shelley — so kindly , and so understanding to me and my family .
49 General von Schweinitz , the Prussian military plenipotentiary in St Petersburg , seems to have played in 1866 a crucial role in explaining and justifying to an at first hostile Alexander II Bismarck 's policy in Germany .
50 Lean 's realist reputation was enlarged by his first Dickens adaptation , Great Expectations ( 1946 ) but , by the time he came to film the extraordinary expressionist opening to Oliver Twist ( 1948 ) , questions were being asked .
51 What we discover within this secret part of ourselves is an inner being , a soul , an inner mind , and inner life , an inner subtle-physical entity which is much larger in its potentialities , more plastic , more powerful , more capable of a manifold knowledge and dynamism than our surface mind , life or body ; especially , it is capable of a direct communication with the universal forces , movements , objects of the cosmos , a direct feeling and opening to them , a direct action of them and even a widening of itself beyond the limit of the personal mind , the personal life , the body , so that it feels itself more and more a universal being no longer limited by the existing walls of out too narrow mental , vital , physical existence .
52 Those who favour dialogue and opening to Cuba are silenced — editors of the Miami Herald who recently suggested as much received death threats .
53 One was overwhelmed by its huge peace , opening to him little by little like the rose of peace in his own breast .
54 Kaufmanniana hybrids Pointed buds opening to waterlily-shaped flowers .
55 Such a moral order was legitimate since it was consonant with the dictates of Providence or , in different intellectual terms , expressive of the natural order progressively opening to the minds of Enlightenment intellectuals through scientific investigation and freedom of thought .
56 Young people will be at a premium , wanted by colleges and employers alike , and for this reason , young people with disabilities may find more doors opening to them .
57 The Thyssen Collection is opening to the public in Madrid this month .
58 Each of these is equipped with its own set of organs — on either side , leg-like projections sometimes equipped with bristles and another pair of feathery appendages through which oxygen is absorbed ; and within the body wall , a pair of tubes opening to the exterior from which waste is secreted .
59 Like their close relatives , the early millipedes , the insects rely on tracheae , the system of tubes opening to the outside by a line of spiracles along the flank and running to every part of the body .
60 From is opening to the outbreak of the war the " Ring " staged every German Grand Prix .
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