Example sentences of "[v-ing] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Commonly , sales forecasting for a period of up to one year ahead is differentiated from sales and market forecasting for longer periods .
32 Commonly , sales forecasting for a period of up to one year ahead is differentiated from sales and market forecasting for longer periods .
33 Forecasting for periods of three to five years ahead is as much a part of the corporate planning activity .
34 Following his commission as flight lieutenant RAFVR he specialized in upper-air analysis and forecasting for bomber groups .
35 Hands tightly clenched , Gina broke into the slow , seductive future he was forecasting for them .
36 Passenger demand forecasting for new rail services
37 But , today , rapid changes in life expectancy , provision of international aid and the availability of birth control make forecasting for periods greater than five years difficult .
38 So we are erm continuously forecasting for the Gas and Electricity Authorities .
39 They could feel angry , embarrassed and even guilty because of the comments of over-anxious parents who keep hinting about their longing for grandchildren , or make it clear that they think there should be no more .
40 AFTER three years of hinting about it , Gencor , one of South Africa 's biggest conglomerates , finally announced on May 11th that it will break itself up .
41 You were right to break with him if you decided that you had made a mistake in accepting him , but oh , my dear , your uncle Orrin tells me that he dare not inform your father of the dreadful things Havvie is hinting about you for fear of what he might do to Havvie .
42 Handling between 800 to 900 calls a day involves a lot of patience , and Clare says she always remembers to smile which helps .
43 These , accumulating during this second period created an almost limitless reservoir of units and it is this reservoir which can be regarded as being identified with the state of the Created God at the time of the dawn of civilisation .
44 Gregarious , flocks often hawking for flying insects and spiralling up to perform aerobatics .
45 There could have been a serious road accident with a dozen or so frightened animals careering about country lanes .
46 It is important to train your dog to accept grooming as part of its regular routine .
47 On the second day , she wrote Louise a letter that she knew was inadequate but told all that she felt capable of confiding for the moment .
48 He was staying up for four or five days at a time and then crashing for four or five days .
49 If the view is taken that ‘ civil disputes are a matter of private concern of the parties involved , and may even be regarded as their private property … and that the parties are themselves the best judges of how to pursue and serve their own interests in the conduct and control of their respective cases , free from the directions of or intervention by the court , ’ forms of alternative dispute resolution must be considered as worth pursuing for the control that is provided to the parties over their dispute .
50 It endorsed British industry 's achievements under the policies that we have been pursuing for the past 12 years , urged us to continue and build upon them in future and condemned utterly the sort of policies still advocated by the Labour party , which is stuck in a mind-set of the 1960s and 1970s .
51 And just in case any men out there still need to be convinced that cleanliness is next to Robert Redfordness , how about the tale of a friend of mine who was desperate to impress a woman he had been pursuing for weeks .
52 It is often helpful to create several small files ( 5-10 entries maximum ) with varying layouts and indexing as an aid to discussion at the design stage .
53 The moth was still fluttering between the pane and pinned scarlet cotton .
54 There is increasing conflict between the church and state funding and we need to free ourselves from wingeing about the cuts .
55 At one end of the heavier door , now held up on trestles , Donald had hefted a stone jar of whisky into position and Donald McLaggan was drawing off cupsful and handing them out .
56 And his question , making Anna laugh , drawing off the poison , sealed the success of his courtship of her .
57 Leon Kennedy passed a hand across his face , drawing off expression and swallowing .
58 I then went on to an Orion double bed , followed by a pink Passap ; I still wanted a single bed for speed — we ran a guest house and I was deprived of all knitting during the summer months .
59 Mike Radford 's paper , Auditing for Change , reviews the work and effectiveness of the Audit Commission , arguing that the Commission has had a profound effect on the debate about the future of local government .
60 The 17th annual conference of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions , held in London in October , endorsed the use of international standards on auditing for cross-border offerings and continuous reporting by foreign issuers .
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