Example sentences of "[pers pn] how " in BNC.

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31 The National Stepfamily Association helpline ( see box ) is manned by trained staff who can advise you how to tackle this situation .
32 Whether it 's for a formal dinner party or a family celebration , we show you how
33 ‘ If I tell you how it was , ’ Cullam said , ‘ you wo n't believe me . ’
34 MINTO : Ask Paxford , dear : he 'll show you how to work it in the morning .
35 Sue Phillips will be in Twickenham on 12 March telling you how to make a cottage garden , and Hazel le Rougetel will tackle roses on 14 March at Holmbush , in West Sussex .
36 Please hold the sachet in your hand as I tell you how a small handful of granules like these have the power to stop the world 's biggest child killer .
37 I want to be able to write to you again — soon — and tell you how our projects are developing — not just in Vietnam , but across the world .
38 And it also tells you how you can find a fully trained practitioner .
39 And our free gift this month is a recipe leaflet showing you how to create delicious calorie-reduced meals .
40 ‘ She also dashes about London trying to redress the sexual balance by finding out where a woman goes for paid sex , trying it and telling you how it was and how much . ’
41 Telling you how it was .
42 I can not even tell you how my work will be though I know very certainly that it will demand long attention if I am to pass Responsions and get a scholarship .
43 She then admits she does n't know the difference between the head line and the heart line , although she 's able to identify the little crinkle at the side of the hand that tells you how many children you 're going to have .
44 I need not tell you how topical this subject is .
45 You got fed regularly and women waited on you and asked you how you felt .
46 And while they force you to be what you do not want to be , they are also teaching you how to be parents .
47 Anyway , I 'll meet you down here tomorrow , tell you how I got on with Gazzer . ’
48 Why do n't you come up here for a week or two and I 'll show you how to knit a string bag to put hubby in then you can hang him up with the onions .
49 This sign of friendliness tells you how much neighbours enjoy each other 's company .
50 We show you how to grow your own cabbages
51 We show you how to set suitable goals in Chapter 8 .
52 Later we show you how to monitor your usual eating behaviour in order to obtain a ‘ baseline' .
53 just before we show you how to do this , check some final details .
54 Experience will show you how to readjust your programme to get yourself back on the right track .
55 ‘ We received information , I 'm afraid I ca n't tell you how at present , that Zambia is , in fact , in hiding at Acropolis Park . ’
56 Inside the sanctum , Miller was once made to sit down with the words ‘ Let me show you how a covert operation is set up . ’
57 I 'll show you how she lies in the landscape , in erotic invitation for those who enter … ‘
58 People will tell you how something may not be quite right .
59 And it was penetrating — I ca n't tell you how penetrating — and wet ; it got into all the corners .
60 I ca n't tell you how much pleasure it would give us to make them eat their words .
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