Example sentences of "[pers pn] be " in BNC.

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31 Be Young , Be Foolish But Be Happy was a smash , her great new single , You To Me Are Everything is bounding up the charts and her new album , Sonia looks set to do the same .
32 ‘ The rumours of a reconciliation between James and me are absolute balls , ’ Becky said .
33 The only people who can hurt or compliment me are my friends
34 A year or two later , expanding on her analysis , Iris Murdoch dubbed the journalistic novel ‘ loose and cheerful ’ , adding gaily that she was inclined to start writing a novel in the hope that ‘ a lot of people who are not me are going to come into existence in some wonderful way ’ — though frustrated , sometimes , by the prevailing theoretical power of her own philosophical mind .
35 Lloyd C. Winter , an established American coach , lends Kane 's theory some credence : ‘ As a class , the Black athletes who have trained under me are far ahead of whites in that one factor — relaxation under pressure ’ ( Kane , 1971 , p.76 ) .
36 I myself feel that the cat and the dog who live in the same house with me are fellow members of my family circle , closer related to me socially than the human neighbour next door whom I know only by sight and name , and infinitely closer than some odd Brazilian or Melanesian , with whom my only connection is that we are fellow men .
37 Well , I think that a few words from me are called for , as you say . ’
38 The kind of satisfaction which can be anxiety-free is that in which my own creative powers and understanding of the world around me are at a maximum and this is satisfaction which the individual can only achieve as part of a community of persons directed at these ends .
39 But how can I know what the categorical imperatives binding on me are ?
40 If I am dependent on you ( subordinate-boss ) , then your perceptions of me are more distorted , and vice versa .
41 For example , the stressed housewife may take rights 3 and 7 and decide that : ‘ I have the right to suggest to my elderly mother-in-law that she enquire about the possibility of a home-help , as the demands she is making on me are wearing me out ’ .
42 You see , a lot of the clichés about me are true and for real , it 's just in the end you can get tired talking about the same things . ’
43 Dolores O'Riordan and three other blokes and me are sitting in a van that 's parked in a yard behind Charlie 's Bar where later on The Cranberries will bring tears to the eyes of grown men and ensure that all present can say ‘ yes ’ when asked if their weekend was happy and filled with nice things .
44 My sister and me are very close , so this woman gave me a giro to go to my sister 's — they took me to the station and put me on the train .
45 There is an equally strong academic and literary tradition which assumes the opposite ; in Flaubert 's words : " It is like body and soul : form and content to me are one .
46 The modes of learning that helped me are those that I now use with my pupils .
47 A : excuse me are you busy B : no not at all A : I wondered if I could have a word with you
48 The grass and reeds around me are flattened under the sudden , overnight fall of snow .
49 I keep in touch with some people who are still inside — most of the people that were in with me are still there .
50 With the threat of relegation looming again , the loss of the ground , and the millstone around my neck of a team of asthmatic pine martens with the collective brain power of a kiwi fruit , the pressures on me are building to a frightening pitch .
51 Expressions such as I like it and It pleases me are ‘ equivalent ’ only in theory .
52 And er he went up and examined the wife and he come down stairs and he said to me Are you the husband ?
53 Because , tomorrow … tomorrow , head , you and me are leaving .
54 It turns out that half the words she 's been teaching me are all wrong .
55 The ‘ grounds ’ that most interest me are about 6in beneath those once trod by the aristocrats , so I 'm sure the snobbish doctor 's ghost will tolerate my company for an afternoon .
56 I know his feelings towards me are genuine and he wants me and my children as part of his life .
57 The things they like about me are my gai-jin attitudes , and they laugh at a lot of my conclusions , I 'm sure — not to my face , but among themselves .
58 The rounds you sent me are all standard N.A.T.O .
59 Some people , it seems to me are never satisfied .
60 The hundred books on the table in front of me are so many tongs that pinch out the nerve of independent thought … one can not go one 's own way independently enough " ; and , from 1868 , a sardonic dismissal of " the philologists of our time " for " their joy at capturing worms and their indifference to the true problems , the urgent problems of life " .
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