Example sentences of "[modal v] just " in BNC.

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31 He should just say straight out : ‘ I do n't want the city any longer , I want the country .
32 Anyone out there remember Michael Keaton doing his nut in Clean And Sober or James Woods acting pop-eyed in The Boost ( both 1988 ) to show you should just say no ?
33 I should just concentrate on my own children . ’
34 If I 'm cutting somebody up they should just let me cut them up .
35 There should just be room for your finger , and your toes should not feel cramped .
36 I should just like to point out , as a practising Catholic and member of Amnesty , that the ‘ Church ’ to which we refer when speaking of the Catholic Church is the whole ‘ people of God ’ and not just the Pope , Cardinal Ratzinger or other members of the hierarchy .
37 ‘ Well , we thought we should just mention it . ’
38 Popular opinion believes NeXT is doomed and that Jobs should just can it .
39 And we should just sort of say what is necessary to find out and everybody gets a few telephone numbers or telephone calls check out addresses find out about new ones , get in contact with the district council erm what is in the pipeline .
40 Strange he should just happen to mention these artistic luminaries.A more direct hint comes when I ask him if he has influenced Government policy .
41 ‘ He should just go back and learn to draw ’ .
42 The Catholic Church screwed up sex by making it too important whereas it should just be a natural , integrated part of everyday life .
43 Perhaps everything — not that there is anything — should just have been allowed to come out into the open at that point .
44 Little children should just be seen , you know that .
45 ‘ I reckon that should just about do it . ’
46 " You should just see her , you ca n't imagine , you would have to see her to know why she chose it , " and all the time , as she spoke , some more assured , sophisticated account underran her words , silently , in her own mind , an account by some other girl , some girl who could wear such garments , and laugh at them , and explain them , and not suffer — some girl so far above such things that nothing could pull her down .
47 Er , I think the main ones really , are on page one o six the final two lines of the first paragraph which says the two vacant blocks now really , there 's four it should just read , and does now read the demolition of the vacant blocks .
48 It is even arguable that we should just speak of a clannish ‘ Heraklid aristocracy ’ and not subdivide further .
49 there is an argument , ha and it 's been put by er a a noted writed who 's recently written on the menopause that , work , and you should just make the most of being a crone or a hag or an old women !
50 You were just saying , you know , that we should just walk in the streets and things like , but I would just not walk out in the streets at night , I 've got to be in the car with the doors locked and , and I just would n't walk out in the streets at night , not because any thing has happened to me , but its just through what I 've heard , I 'm just terrified .
51 ‘ We felt that if she was going to turn on those sort of tactics we were not going to be gentlemanly about it , and that she should just get on and do the job . ’
52 It was n't right that Sendei should just be left here .
53 I think they should just leave women if they 're having a relationship , as long as they do n't interfere with anybody else .
54 ‘ You 're right , Franky , ’ I said , ‘ maybe we should just tell him ‘ cup ’ every time he asks , ‘ What 's the meaning ? ’
55 we should just go out to Prontaprint and invoice him for
56 Not only in being able to select a group where perhaps we can justify more aggressive therapy , or even a group that perhaps we should just treat palatally but also in the future with the development of anti- angiogenic therapy .
57 And erm we used to go into the assembly hall every morning for prayer and then we should just go up to the erm we we used to go upstairs to the er to the classrooms which were off a long corridor .
58 ‘ I think you should just bury it , ’ said Betty , and Lydia did see what she meant , for human death was attended with such ritual and dispatch that for an instant it seemed cruelly perverse to deny something similar to this helpless creature .
59 ( Puff , puff ) I should just like to say that I find what Lord Boddy is saying extraordinarily interesting .
60 ‘ Well , everyone thinks he should just ignore it .
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