Example sentences of "[conj] [art] " in BNC.

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31 Closing the village school causes demographic change : reduced or selective inmigration , increased or selective outmigration , and/or the consequent aging of the residual population of the community .
32 When you have reached the end of your questions and/or the time allotted and the candidate has no further questions you must take the initiative to wind up the interview .
33 Tell the candidate what is happening at the next stage in the selection and/or the date when you will be letting people know your decision .
34 Any increase in the degree of trade union militancy and/or the expected rate of inflation will shift the augmented Phillips curve upwards ; any decrease in the degree of trade union militancy and/or the expected rate of inflation will shift the curve downwards .
35 Any increase in the degree of trade union militancy and/or the expected rate of inflation will shift the augmented Phillips curve upwards ; any decrease in the degree of trade union militancy and/or the expected rate of inflation will shift the curve downwards .
36 The Hotline phone number you need to enter the Chandler competition and/or the Ibanez competition is 0891 100733 .
37 Which choice would make you feel more loving towards yourself , others and/or the planet ?
38 Having exhausted the pictorial possibilities and/or the patience of your subjects , switch from record-pause to stop and then to the tape-running controls .
39 Where the claimant company 's profits or the amounts available for surrender as group relief by a surrendering company have not been ascertained , the profits to be covered and/or the amount(s) claimed may be given as an estimate to the best of the claimant 's ability .
40 If neither of these alternatives is in 's opinion practicable , will give notice to that effect and will immediately upon receipt of such notice cease all use of the Work and/or the Converted Text of the Work for the purposes of this Agreement .
41 ‘ on which a part of ( the means of operation of ) the braking system fitted thereto ’ This point means that ‘ a part ’ , e.g. the brake shoes or brake pads were not maintained and/or the ‘ means of operation ’ such as the hand brake lever ratchet or the cable ( if fitted ) were not maintained .
42 In view of the existence of highly concentrated industries , and if governments are concerned that large firms might abuse their powerful positions , two approaches may be adopted when formulating competition policy : the behaviour of the firm in the market may be considered and/or the structure of the market itself may be considered .
43 review the needs of the elderly person and/or the carer at intervals of not more than twelve months , until or unless the review considers this to be unnecessary ;
44 Do they derive from the power of men over women in the domestic arena and/or the labour market , or do they reflect the wishes of the carers themselves , or the assumptions about sex roles embedded in social policies or the ideology of sex-role stereotyping and prevailing ideas of women 's proper place …
45 A crisis may be caused by an actual or threatened loss or hazardous event , which challenges and outstrips the actual coping capacity of the client and/or the family ( Caplan , 1961 ) .
46 In the use of n-grams or a dictionary check to rule out letter sequences that do not appear in English , the information needed is a list of English words , or perhaps a large corpus of text from which to extract such a list and/or the list of n-grams for whichever values of n are necessary .
47 For information and/or the 1991–92 application forms , please contact :
48 Applicants should be graduates who have experience in water management issues related to agriculture and/or the rural environment in general , including water quality and pollution .
49 The explanatory variables which are utilised are expected to have an impact on union growth because they affect the opportunity and/or the propensity of workers to join a trade union .
50 The Commission and/or the Council of Ministers could formally issue regulations , directives , decisions , recommendations and opinions .
51 Was recruiting by companies affected by the Big Bang and/or the stock market crash of October 1987 ?
52 One reason for this may have been the conventional wisdom that secularisation had made the subject well nigh irrelevant , another reason may have been that there are few areas in which the methodological problems are as acute as they are in the investigation of people 's beliefs and/or the assessment of the effect that these have upon the rest of society .
53 Issues concerning denial and/or the differential interpretations of events and their implications were evident throughout the study .
54 Because LTP is expressed as an enhanced response to single stimuli , it is processes controlling the rapid fusion of synaptic vesicles with release sites , and/or the formation of fusion pores , which are the most likely targets for regulation .
55 One mutant ( H197K ) showed a 5-fold reduction in affinity for substance P but not in the affinities of other neurokinin peptides ( data not shown ) , which may indicate a perturbation of the substance P-receptor interaction as a result of the longer side chain and/or the positive charge of Lys197 .
56 In this imagery the liberal democratic state is run exclusively by elected governing elites and/or the bureaucracy , but both groups are cut off from control by broader social movements , political parties , or socially privileged groups ( see Figure 4.1 ) .
57 Federal decentralization of domestic policy responsibilities to regional governments , local government organizations and/or the separation of powers are alike dismissed as window dressing .
58 The release and/or the withholding of information provides an extremely strong power base .
59 Where a house has had its chimney-top demolished , capped and/or the fire opening blocked off , the condition of the flue should be assessed .
60 If you have a particular problem , please tell the tour escort or representative and/or the Hotel Reception Desk at the time so that , if possible , it can be dealt with there and then .
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