Example sentences of "[conj] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Further information and/or booking forms , telephone Conservation Volunteers ( 0232 ) 645169 .
32 When they are satisfied with what they have produced they are asked to bring the image to life — for a very short time , perhaps as little as ten seconds — and/or say one line of dialogue each .
33 But it seems likely that more than four million disabled people and full-time carers are discouraged , disenfranchised and/or discriminated against when it comes to voting .
34 Firstly , as one would expect , 28 offer professional services and/or provide support to their members in this regard ( 13 of those are in the field of law ) .
35 There are also transaction costs involved in acquiring and/or disposing of the requisite foreign exchange .
36 Secondary evidence is second-hand information , removed in time and/or place from the incident referred to .
37 They should be lined and/or interlined to match accompanying curtains .
38 Perhaps it is this sense of impotence — and the sense that English 's image of ‘ effeminacy ’ or ‘ femininity ’ makes it appear unimportant-that has led postwar literary theoretical movements to espouse ideals of ‘ objectivity ’ and ‘ scientificity ’ .
39 The pointes must not be thought of as a prop on which to balance the body , but as an extra dimension to make dramatic sense of a statement about the character on pointes and/or to relate in some way to the story or theme .
40 According to Dr George F. Kroker , an allergist working in Wisconsin : ‘ Carbohydrate and/or yeast craving is such a characteristic finding in this disorder that one should seriously doubt the diagnosis of this illness if it is not present . ’
41 On Forgive 'N Forget 's most recent outing he had run fourth behind Combs Ditch at Haydock Park , and that horse was also in the Gold Cup field , third favourite after a highly successful season which had brought him three good prizes and a neck defeat by Wayward Lad in the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park .
42 Forgive 'N Forget started at 7–2 , with Combs Ditch 9–2 , Run And Skip 15–2 and Wayward lad 8–1 .
43 At the top of the hill she was still in the forefront of matters with Run And Skip , but behind them Wayward Lad and Forgive 'N Forget were travelling smoothly and coming ever closer .
44 At the second last she put in a tremendous leap and was back in the lead as Run And Skip started to fade , but Forgive 'N Forget on the stands side and Wayward Lad inside him were now going for home , and they passed Dawn Run on the approach to the last .
45 Here Forgive 'N Forget made a mistake and handed the initiative to Wayward Lad , but he was very tired and started to wander to the left towards the rails .
46 With great courage she fought her way past Forgive 'N Forget , but halfway up the run-in Wayward Lad was still two lengths up .
47 In this case the librarian may choose to purchase or borrow through the interlending system , depending upon the work 's quality and the likelihood of its being requested and/or used again .
48 It commands an entire vocabulary , centred on the specification of the ‘ aesthetic ’ : a work of art is designed for , and/or has , aesthetic properties and effects .
49 It is here that efforts have been made to open up resources to working-class communities and/or to provide access into educational institutions .
50 Most of the above rules show stress tending to go on syllables containing a long vowel or diphthong and/or ending with more than one consonant .
51 Make sure that the holes themselves are smooth by using a file and/or trimming knife to finish them off .
52 In cases of individuals lacking practical experience in an area of study C1 or C2 ( or a section of those areas of study ) centres may be able to advise and/or assist individual in gaining appropriate practical work experience sufficiently to improve their profile and potential to succeed in the area of study .
53 There is no record of John having been apprehended and/or fined at that time , but it is almost certain that he would be dealt with in some way .
54 The verbs HAVE and AGREE vary in space according to which person ‘ has ’ the object or agrees .
55 A person deals in securities , whether as principal or agent , if he buys , sells , or agrees to buy or sell any securities .
56 He , too , has the courage to speak out , and so has Ted Heath , whether what they say is right or wrong or agrees with the party line .
57 A ‘ buyer ’ is described in section 61 of the Sale of Goods Act as ‘ a person who buys or agrees to buy goods . ’
58 Section 2(1) of the Sale of Goods Act defines a contract of sale of goods as : ‘ a contract whereby the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the property in goods to the buyer for a money consideration , called the price . ’
59 The words in section 2(1) ‘ transfers or agrees to transfer the property in goods to the buyer ’ have been interpreted by the courts to require that the transfer of ownership to the buyer should be the main object of the agreement .
60 This relates to the situation where A sells or agrees to sell goods to B and then later sells or agrees to sell them to C. To whom do the goods belong ?
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