Example sentences of "[conj] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Any course of instruction , carried out on or off site , directed by your Library Department , your Local Authority/Board , or any other external organization .
32 She looked as if she could have stepped straight out of an urchin 's game on the street of a Northern Italian village or off the front cover of Vogue .
33 A shoe with an outsole profile to suit a variety of surfaces , both on or off road .
34 Comparisons between them became commonplace , but unlike Brando , this other rebel was not so aggressive either on screen or off it .
35 But he did n't stop drinking on or off the set .
36 Most important , the service is tailored to meet your needs , on or off site .
37 At the beginning of October , the State Education Commission issued a statement calling on all provincial education departments and universities under its jurisdiction to forbid students to ‘ engage in business on or off campus for the purpose of getting rich ’ ( CD 7. 10. 1988 ) .
38 Anyone can have HIV : young or old , hunky or thin , black or white , on the scene or off the scene .
39 Use the same command , preferably at a relatively early stage once the dog has settled down after being let out of the car , or off the leash .
40 However , the Mondays ' tour manager Muzzer dashed these allegations : ‘ Shaun has n't touched drugs on this tour , neither on or off stage . ’
41 A great talking-point , on or off the 'phone — turn your desk into a helipad !
42 A full on-licence enables the licensee to sell liquor for consumption either on or off the premises to any member of the public who is permitted by the law to consume it .
43 But if I am competing , on or off the track , I want to win .
44 Also under examination is the feasibility of a 35 to 40 knot inshore lifeboat , launching from a slipway , davit or off a beach .
45 The foundation stage is then followed by , or merges into , a more specific stage which provides a more specialized education or training , which may be on or off the job , or a mixture of both .
46 In earlier version of the program it was impossible to line anything up anyway because the program 's internal accuracy was insufficient ; the classic 11 point being converted by the program into 10.98 point with the rounding errors occasionally throwing an extra line on or off the page .
47 So you figure that he either hit his approaches stiff — or off the radar screen .
48 " Public house licence " which authorises the sale by retail of alcoholic liquor for consumption on or off the premises .
49 " Public house " is defined by s.139(1) as including an inn , ale-house , victualling house or other premises in which liquor is sold for consumption on or off the premises .
50 It was held that they were entitled to do so on the basis that a public house licence authorises the holder to sell by retail alcoholic liquor for consumption on or off the premises and an off-sale licence authorises the holder to sell by retail alcoholic liquor for consumption off the premises .
51 ( 1 ) Subject to the provisions of this Act , no person shall , except during the permitted hours : ( a ) sell or supply to any person in any licensed premises , or licensed canteen , or in the premises of a registered club any alcoholic liquor to be consumed either on or off the premises , or consume in , or take from , any such premises any alcoholic liquor .
52 Well er I did n't want to be out of it or , awkward or off it or anything , if it was right , and I felt that it was right , I 'd adhere to that , whether or not , you follow what I mean , that 's how I 've lived me life , Michael , yes .
53 Er the European Market is mostly either on or off highway .
54 Or off the ground .
55 The Colemans were driven to Filanta Court , on Archbishop Makarios Avenue , and handed the keys of No. 62B , a large three-bedroomed apartment with a balcony overlooking the port of Larnaca from which everybody getting on or off the ferry from Lebanon could be observed through binoculars .
56 The word ‘ new ’ did not actually appear on the order form but nevertheless it was clear from the form that the car would come either from the manufacturer 's stock at the factory or off the production line .
57 In deciding whether police services are ‘ special ’ the court will take into account : ( 1 ) whether the officers are required to attend on private premises or in a public place ; ( 2 ) whether violence has already occurred or is imminent — if so , the services can not be ‘ special ’ ; ( 3 ) the nature of the event — public events like elections lie at one end of the spectrum , private events like weddings at the other , and events like football matches somewhere in the middle ; ( 4 ) whether protection can be provided without using officers who would otherwise be on other duties or off duty .
58 Clicking on this reveals the SmartIcons dialog box and it 's pretty obvious how this works — you simply drag icons on or off the list on the left of the screen .
59 Long or short range headers above or below the keeper , inside the box or outside , on the volley or off his backside — he 's scored the lot at Cambridge and Alex Ferguson thinks that 's what United need . ’
60 How many passengers is it envisaged will get on or off the trains at Stratford ?
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