Example sentences of "[pron] [vb mod] " in BNC.

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31 Excuse me let's eat tonight mind .
32 While the child is in care no-one may cause him to be known by a new surname or remove him from the United Kingdom without either the written consent of every person who has parental responsibility or the leave of the court ( s33(7) ) .
33 Consequently , to maintain a constant level of satisfaction — or , what is the same thing , of dissatisfaction — with the health services , expenditure upon them ought relatively to increase somewhat in real terms .
34 The sums that will pass through them ought surely to enhance their prestige , and at a symbolic time .
35 Your parents are legally responsible for you and one of them ought to know about anything that might affect your health , either emotionally or physically .
36 Similarly — though the outcome is happier — with Craig 's votes : all of them , the original as well as the transferred , contributed to his surplus , so all of them ought to be taken into account in its transfer .
37 You go into the bedroom , checking the position of the mirrors ; none of them ought to show you to anybody in the bathroom .
38 It is possible for an aircraft to have several different modes of spinning , and all of them may not have been discovered during the testing .
39 Some of them may be less careful with it than others so we need machines that can take a battering .
40 These items are all connected , and any of them may be used as analogies or homologies for each other .
41 We now know much more about surviving hunters and gatherers than was known in Morgan 's day and , although sexual unions among them may in some cases be very unstable , in others they are not .
42 The roar of applause when it later rids itself of them may boost its popularity at a critical moment .
43 The changes have been more fundamental and some of them may have affected us in ways that we do not immediately recognise .
44 But certain aggravated assaults are singled out by the law for higher maximum penalties , and three of them may be mentioned here .
45 Some of them may have been the fathers of the running children .
46 Those who replace them may , with a change of regime , be bolder than present incumbents in criticising the chairman .
47 The status of the pupils in the activity can be raised and the value of their contributions recognised by suggesting that some of them may already possess considerable information and experience ( pp. 36–38 ) .
48 Some of them may have become bottom living , crawling hunters for which a gastropod-like shell would have been more appropriate .
49 If the floor plates have ever been removed then the sealer around them may have been damaged and need replacing .
50 While generally true this does not solve the difficulty in the case of John and Ruth since each of them may claim to be both a theoretical and a practical authority .
51 Many acts of trespass , breaches of contract , violations of copyright , and so on , regrettable as some of them may be on other grounds , have no implications one way or another for the stability of the government and the law .
52 Moreover , muscles need different types of exercise ; exercise that contracts muscles but does not elongate them may not be adequate .
53 The windows are interesting , with their association with the wool trade , though there is some speculation that some of them may have been brought from another house .
54 It is probable that they either crashed or were shot down , although Stirling states that there was evidence that at least some of them may have reached their target .
55 Just how petty , greedy and self-interested others really are will be made perfectly clear to you during the next few days and your reaction to them may well be to decide to turn off the charm and the money supply forthwith .
56 The programmers who designed them may have been any of these things , but that is irrelevant .
57 Some of those qualities appear to have been inherited by Frederick 's youngest son Herbert and , as already mentioned , some of them may have been present in Frederick 's uncle William .
58 The most energetic of them may form themselves into pressure-groups of a not wholly child-centred kind .
59 To further subdivide them may make record-keeping impossibly complicated .
60 There are now serious environmental concerns about a whole range of chemicals that go into these cleaners , and the detrimental effect that some of them may be having on wildlife in rivers and shorelines .
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