Example sentences of "[pron] [prep] " in BNC.

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31 You can choose either a fixed or a floating interest rate at the start and can switch between them during the loan .
32 During the Second World War , tram crews had to carry gas masks and don them during air raids , as this picture shows .
33 And the previous level of frankness in communication between the spouses about these matters can narrow or widen the possibility of stress between them during these communications in a hospital ward .
34 Patients may find it difficult to come to terms with which of their friends , co-workers and employers did , or did not , communicate with them during hospitalisation .
35 Moreover , individuals in a population will change in unison , with very little genetic variation between them during the period of change .
36 In making the award , the adjudicating panel will take into account the age of the nominees and the work published by them during the past five years .
37 If we can notice differences in people , then how is it that the IAAF and other governing bodies do not notice them as well and start target-testing them during the winter months ?
38 Although compensation was given to the deportees for possessions stolen from them during the journey , no compensation was offered to the schoolchildren who were forced by internment to leave school or job training to which , in most cases , they were unable to return .
39 Before the war public appeals had raised sufficient money to keep Youth Allyah afloat , but , when it became clear that large numbers of children would not soon be leaving for Palestine , the question arose as to who would care for them during their prolonged stay in Britain .
40 The semiconductor devices are all fairly sensitive to excess heat , so do n't fry them during soldering !
41 During this period she herds stray animals to her seashore cave , where she feeds them during the cold months .
42 Many of the mothers felt their children had been subjected to physical and emotional abuse by those caring for them during their absence , and were concerned about their lack of academic progress at school .
43 In addition to the UK trader 's own details and other header information , the ESL is a record of sales to EC customers , distinguished by their own VAT numbers and total value of sales made to them during the calendar quarter .
44 Interventions by them during the Ulster crisis had been limited , in the main , to generalities about building bridges across Christian divisions and holding out hands of friendship .
45 Inevitably , world record try scorer David Campese , who teased the Irish about their style before the game , tormented them during it , scoring number 51 to spark a massacre .
46 She was involved in some of the student protests against them during that period ; but at the end of the day she still felt that an English education was a necessary tool for survival for her children .
47 Flowers looked at fault , but the happy Town fans chanted ‘ Goddard for England ’ while the band was serenading them during the interval .
48 Regarding the recent articles concerning the B-29 Superforts , or Washingtons , with the RAF I remembered flying them during my time in the post-war RAFVR .
49 ‘ John Bryan was the surrogate father to them during a most impressionable time .
50 In his now famous interview on Wednesday , Lamb pointed the finger at Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis , who shared 45 wickets between them during the five-match Test series .
51 Consequently most accidents , and there were nearly 500 of them during the 1970s , were not the result of employee thoughtlessness but emerged directly out of the contradictory demands made upon the workforce .
52 Before then , the toads have to lay in sufficient stores of energy to sustain them during their patient vigil underground .
53 Like mantises that eat their mates , or are eaten by them during intimate congress — even knowing that such a fate must occur — they were fraternally drawn to one another , obeying a bizarre tropism .
54 Waisale Serevi and Viliame Rauluni gun down New Zealand 's Paula Bale , a fellow Fijian , as he tries to mud-glide between them during Fiji 's emphatic 22–6 triumph in the final .
55 The English cathedrals also paid heavily for their association with Arminianism , as image-breakers inflicted considerable damage on them during the civil war .
56 subsequently after about ten flights , and porting over the books , and speaking to people who serviced them during the war years , they discovered that all it needed was a well-placed whack with a hammer on the trailing edge of the aileron .
57 ‘ I have kept at least a score of them during my life here , till each decayed in turn .
58 It is better to control them during this ‘ in-ground ’ period , the best control being achieved by watering down a solution of a chemical , one of a group with the long name ‘ chlorinated hydrocarbons ’ , and used primarily in this case on lawns as a wormkiller .
59 Shanas ( 1979 ) , in her review of American data on family support for the elderly , notes that women are two or three times more likely than men to say that no one helped them during a period of illness .
60 They all run the recently-released version 6 of the company 's Unix SVR4-based DRS/NX operating system , though Unix Systems Labs ' Destiny will appear on them during the first quarter of next year .
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