Example sentences of "[pron] [adv] " in BNC.

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31 Following in the footsteps of Nissan , Toyota , Mitsubishi and Subaru , Hiroshima-based makers Mazda are attempting to hit BMW and Mercedes where it hurts them most .
32 Perhaps ‘ second-joystick option ’ was the wrong phrase to use , but when joysticks were plugged into both ports , one of them most definitely DID N'T work !
33 In fact it is possible to enjoy them most when one is aware of them least .
34 One reason for this is that many people have a fear which they can not conceal of anything or anybody who reminds them of death ; knowing that contact with a grieving widow will exacerbate these fears they tend , after expressing their sympathy by word or letter , and sending flowers to the funeral , to withdraw to a safe distance ‘ to give her time to get over it ’ just when she needs them most .
35 In 1983 a questionnaire given out by the Tourist Office asked visitors what pleased them most about Madeira : 35.7 per cent of those questioned said the natural beauty of the island , 13.6 per cent the friendliness of the residents , 12.4 per cent the climate , 8.4 per cent good hotels and 7.8 per cent the flowers .
36 THE police tend to get an unfavourable press , though in my experience they have never been anything less than kind , helpful and efficient when I 've needed them most .
37 I can not understand why riders are holding back just when the sport needs them most .
38 Investigators were concerned about the exclusion of the normal world and shocked at the preoccupation with aberrant behaviour , but what frightened them most was the failure of the movies to fulfil a clear moral role .
39 Apart from worry about the safety of their nearest and dearest , what concerned them most was was that with the main breadwinner away , children still had to be fed and clothed and household expenses met .
40 Employers who have attended students ' debriefing sessions have found them most illuminating .
41 But what is certain is that the democratic principle — that people should , as far as possible , make or participate in making the decisions that affect them most closely and importantly — could beneficially be applied far more widely in modern societies than It presently is .
42 On the other hand , if the certified point goes against the defendant in the House of Lords , the unresolved questions should be remitted to the Court of Appeal , which has the experience to deal with them most effectively .
43 Moreover , they have been trained to serve and you will find them most helpful .
44 Most of them most of them start with a C.
45 Training events arranged by the RSCM and other organisations seldom attract those who need them most , perhaps for fear that their inadequacies might be revealed .
46 Think , in your head , now , think of them most … private … secret … intimate thing you have ever done secure in the knowledge of its privacy …
47 The legates were first received by Archbishop Jaenberht at Canterbury , from whence they journeyed to the court of Offa , who received them most favourably , and Offa , together with Cynewulf , king of the West Saxons , came together in a council where papal letters directing attention to the need for reform in the Anglo-Saxon Church were consulted and promises of reform made .
48 What would help them most in such a situation ?
49 In addition , they are flame-resistant , making them most suitable for furnishing fabrics .
50 The installations of the great freight yards and stations of these systems reflected these concerns and Chicago represented them most profoundly of all .
51 Residential places will be kept for those who need them most .
52 It was the little amulet which told them most about the girl .
53 Bananas were what delighted them most .
54 Store wooden spoons , whisks , colanders , sieves in containers or from hooks by the worktop or cooker top , wherever you need them most , and keep oil , vinegars , condiments , herbs and garlic near salad bowls .
55 In training , twinning the work of the regulars , the TA and the volunteer regiments is also the way to use them most effectively .
56 It was a real drag to find them handcuffed behind my back just when I needed them most , I can tell you .
57 In larger hotels , knowing the whereabouts of staff , especially when you need them most , is often a nightmare problem .
58 I suppose it 's probably because his time at Leeds coincided with the time when I used to go to see them most frequently .
59 Asked what concerned them most in connection with nuclear power , respondents named the possibility of accidents , human error and the storage of radioactive waste .
60 But with about 4000 MRI scans carried out each year radiologists insist they 'll be allocated to whoever needs them most .
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