Example sentences of "[prep] [art] " in BNC.

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31 Money that is otherwise destined for the Inland Revenue can instead go to ACET .
32 ‘ On behalf of the family of my late brother , Robert , I wish to thank you for the compassion and care shown to him by your organization during his long and difficult illness .
33 ‘ I would like once again to thank you for the major contribution you 've made to our AIDS education programme this year .
34 In recognition of the importance of our work , I am pleased to report that our Central Government grant was increased last year to £140,00 with guaranteed funding for the next three years .
35 ACET 's response has been to provide clients with special tubes for the disposal of dirty needles and syringes or help them if they wish to cease injecting .
36 In our opinion the financial statements give a true and fair view of the company 's affairs at 31 March 1991 and of its deficit and source and applications of funds for the year then ended and have been properly prepared in accordance with the Companies ACT 1985 .
37 Amnesty International is a worldwide human rights movement which works impartially for the release of prisoners of conscience : men , women and children detained anywhere for their beliefs , colour , ethnic origin , sex , religion or language , provided they have neither used nor advocated the use of violence .
38 They have not been charged or tried and may be imprisoned because of their nationality , in retaliation for the Ugandan authorities alleged support of the armed opposition group , the Rwandese Patriotic Front .
39 In April AI learned that warrants had been issued for the arrest of two police officers and a civilian in connection with the killing of 17-year-old Anstraum Aman Villagrán Morales .
40 A new ‘ Anti-Terror Law ’ , which combines a number of new provisions for the investigation and trial of persons suspected of acts of political violence or association with violent political opposition groups , was approved by President Ozal on 17 April .
41 Statistics on the death penalty in the USSR have been made public for the first time since 1934 .
42 In the years since 1961 , Eastern European dictators have come and gone , moves afoot in South Africa hold hope for the future , and countries abolishing the death penalty are on the increase .
43 Since then , every issue of the journal has published appeals for the release of other prisoners of conscience .
44 The Procurator Delegate for the Armed Forces is conducting a separate investigation .
45 He was a leader of the National Council for the Displaced .
46 He was accused of calling for the violent overthrow of the monarchy .
47 Tell the President that you have not forgotten about Wang Xizhe and other Pro-Democracy Movement activists who are still jail for the peaceful exercise of their right to freedom of expression .
48 Hamadi Jebali : a 51-year-old newspaper editor from Sousse , he was sentenced by the military court in Tunis on 31 January 1991 to one year 's imprisonment for publishing an article calling for the abolition of military courts .
49 Mohamed Abbad is one of 31 people tried in May 1984 in Marrakech following demonstrations in January 1984 against price rises and the imposition of an examination fee for the baccalaureate examination .
50 Please write appealing for the immediate and unconditional release of Nijazi Beqa to :
51 But rather than address these basic problems , politicians look for the quick ‘ fix ’ — anything that sounds good in a sound-bite will do .
52 Open racism in court may continue throughout the trial : one defendant was defended by an attorney who regularly used the term ‘ nigger ’ to describe his client and , it later transpired , was the local Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan .
53 A year later a second note was among another smuggled group of notes that arrived for the relatives .
54 In some cases of ‘ disappearance ’ the whole family is held responsible for the ‘ crime ’ of one of its members .
55 In February this year , the Minister of Law and Order declared that the government would not repeal its most notorious detention law , section 29 of the Internal Security Act , which permits indefinite , incommunicado detention in solitary confinement for the purposes of interrogation .
56 A closed hearing held in February this year concluded that no-one could be held responsible for the death .
57 In March , a judicial inquest into the death of 42 people in Sebokeng township in September 1990 concluded with the presiding judge finding members of the South African Defence Force criminally responsible for the deaths of four people and rejected claims that the concerned were provoked to shoot in self-defence .
58 Below : Procession in 1983 in Trafalgar Square before the Memorial Service in St Martins in the Fields organised by Amnesty International for the victims of political killings by governments .
59 Art is not , as the metaphysicians say , the manifestation of some Idea of beauty or God ; it is not , as the aesthetic physiologists say , a game in which man lets off his excess of stored-up energy ; it is not the expression of man 's emotions by external signs ; it is not the production of pleasing objects ; and , above all , it is not pleasure but it is a means of union among men joining them together in the same feelings , and indispensable for the life and progress towards wellbeing of individuals and humanity .
60 For the purposes of this book , just two assertions will have to content us : first , some works have been intended by their makers to be seen as art ; second , there is a consensus today that other works are to be described as art .
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