Example sentences of "[verb] how " in BNC.

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31 Second , I shall consider how this framework was used by the subject working parties whose job it was to produce the detailed lists of statements of attainment .
32 They will therefore consider how stratification systems help to maintain order and stability in society .
33 But as long as you keep putting that gloop on your face , I think you have to seriously consider how liberated you really are . ’
34 Now that the inevitability of synonyms occurring has been made clear , we must consider how to deal with them .
35 It will consider how the people 's will is translated into political action .
36 In particular , they should consider how they will encourage diversification into the non-residential care sector .
37 We will consider how the term fairness is used in an adjudicative context .
38 Let us consider how several ant species recruit nest mates for group action .
39 Following this , we shall consider how to detect the right generic strategy .
40 God 's Gift Mine , it was recognised , lay conveniently near to the Brigham smelters enabling ore deliveries to be maintained throughout the winter months whereas the other ores " further distant , can not be brought to the said smelting house , but in the sumer only … you may therefore consider how farr forth those Mynes soe farr distant may bee sett upon with good strength in sumer and what number of kibbles will weekly be gotten and towards winter when that will faile , to drive those pickmen from there to work in Gods gift , if the winter shall not hinder untill we may be furnished either out of Germainie or our own Nation with a sufficient number of pickmen to man all the works thoroughly & withall to consider whether the Myne of Gods Gift be not so plentifull as some other new Stolnes ( G. Stollen — tunnel , adit etc. ) or head ( possibly a forerunner of our word " heading " ) may be driven thereby to gitt the like weekly pportion ( proportion ) as hath formerly been gotten there . "
41 First let us consider how we define the Edwardian Era .
42 This relationship between torque and field strength receives more discussion in Chapter 3 so for the present we need only consider how the pole magnetic field can be maximised .
43 Having established the torque correction factors for the common excitation schemes of a three.phase motor and illustrated the method by which the factor may be found for motors with larger numbers of phases , we can now consider how the pull-out torque produced by the d.c. and fundamental current components varies with stepping rate .
44 When this task of selection is completed the designer must then consider how the motor and drive are to be controlled and interfaced to the remainder of the system .
45 We should also consider how far our mathematics curriculum can respond to linguistic diversity , and whether , for some of our pupils , new concepts might be more appropriately introduced through their home languages .
46 In a fuller analysis , we should consider how taxation may discourage — or encourage — the long-term rate of growth of the economy .
47 We must consider how to look after them , train them and give them the self-esteem and confidence they deserve .
48 It will also consider how the pay of schoolteachers might be more closely related to their performance , in line with the principles of the citizens charter .
49 As soon as we can after the next election , we must consider how we are able to carry out those essential functions if the European union is to be democratically accountable .
50 This research will also consider how far young children 's social behaviour with peers encourages collaborative working at computers and , then , how far an individual 's self perception might be influenced by such focused collaborations .
51 It will consider how the law achieves its stated purpose of making financial provision for illegitimate children , and the issues raised by custody and access applications .
52 Critical of the US deployment , the Soviet Union would not for the time being join an international force , but would consider how to respond if the UN Security Council decided on military action .
53 A communiqué issued after the meeting stressed that while " a European security identity and defence role " was essential , " we will consider how the political and military structures of the alliance must be adapted accordingly " .
54 We will also consider how we can better serve the needs of student members and the use of library and information service to the best effect .
55 Having settled the tripartite and integrated structure of our students ’ training needs , we should perhaps consider how best to provide for them .
56 Then one must consider how these can be achieved , or , if they fall outside the practicable range , what departures are least unacceptable .
57 Newco and its advisers should consider how the target has taken care of the well-being of its employees , and whether it has conformed to health and safety legislation .
58 This chapter does not consider how this problem can best be resolved for the future .
59 You should consider how to restrict other firms using the package without you getting some benefit .
60 Having fixed a reasonable standard the court must then consider how those caring for the child , usually the parents , actually measure up to this .
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