Example sentences of "[verb] for " in BNC.

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31 They met for the first time on May 13th 1794 , a date which had been specified in the statute .
32 Tamed native birds flocked on the poolside boardwalk of their rented hideaway , ‘ Hawksnest ’ , as we met for the first time , and Robin encircled his shyness with a stream-of-consciousness banter , made easier by the antics of a visiting cocker spaniel , which bit the head off a parrot .
33 They all met for the international meeting at Salzburg in 1908 , having corresponded from 1906 onwards .
34 We met for a drink .
35 The Company 's hint was taken , and on 6th July the Charity Commissioners approved the new Board , which met for the first time twelve days later and agreed to advertise for a Headmaster who — after all the fuss and contrary to what may have been expected — was required to be an Anglican clergyman !
36 On average , we met for three hours every ten days , constantly revising , exchanging and criticising so that in the end we had both had a hand in everything .
37 But when the Assembly met for its first session on 5 January 1918 it immediately became clear that a majority of the deputies were hostile to the government and the Assembly was forcibly disbanded .
38 As Brown observes : ‘ 'What does he do ? ’ remains the most illuminating question to ask about someone met for the first time . ’
39 They met for the first time at the Liverpool Adult Deaf and Dumb Society in Princes Avenue on the 25 April 1890 .
40 In the first week of January 1979 , President Giscard d'Estaing expounded his view when he met for a summit conference with Jimmy Carter , Hemut Schmidt , the West German chancellor , and James Callaghan , the British prime minister , on the French West Indian island of Guadeloupe .
41 On 3 September they met for dinner at the Day 's Inn on Jeff Davis Highway in Crystal City , Virginia .
42 Soon after his call , they met for a meal at Shoney 's Big Boy restaurant where Franks/Schafer introduced him to Burchette , who was then working from home as a one-man security service , and to Jack Terrell , a former operative of Oliver North 's in Central America .
43 NINE former staff at the old Williams & Glyn 's Bradford Branch were soon talking about ‘ the good old days ’ when they met for a reunion in one of the city 's wine bars .
44 FOUR months after attending a weekend course on team building and sales training , staff from Treasury and Capital Markets , Scotland met for a day-long follow-up session in the conference room at Drummond House .
45 ‘ He could have done it beforehand when we met for drinks and everyone 's attention was on Mrs Figgis-Hewett , ’ said Angelina , albeit with a feeling of disloyalty to a fellow female .
46 In 1963 Miles and Haynes met for the first time , in Edinburgh .
47 In his memoir of the 1960s Ali records how , following the review , Goodwin rang him , they met for lunch , and the literary agent explained that he wanted to start the new paper .
48 The overnight snooze [ all of one-and-a-half hours ] on the ferry was hardly over when it was time to drive onto Reims , where crews from Oslo , Berlin and Edinburgh met for a deserved rest .
49 Responding to the resolution , the Prime Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan met for preliminary talks in the Georgian capital , Tbilisi , on March 30 .
50 Delegates representing the 167 member states of the World Health Organization ( WHO ) met for the 43rd World Health Assembly in Geneva on May 7-18 to consider the biennial report of the Director-General , Hiroshi Nakajima .
51 Representatives of the government of Papua New Guinea ( PNG ) and the secessionist Bougainville Revolutionary Army ( BRA ) met for peace talks in Honiara , the capital of the Solomon Islands , on Jan. 22 .
52 Khadafi and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak met for talks in February and June to discuss regional issues and ways of increasing co-operation in agriculture , industry , health and telecommunications .
53 Delegates representing 166 member states of the World Health Organization ( WHO ) met for the 44th World Health Assembly in Geneva on May 6-16 .
54 Baker met for talks with a three-member Palestinian delegation led by Faisal al-Husseini , director of the East Jerusalem Institute of Arab Studies , on July 21 .
55 Earlier , the new Conflict Prevention Centre of the CSCE met for the first time in Vienna on July 1-2 , as requested by Austria , and called for an immediate ceasefire and the return of the JNA to barracks , but failed to reach the necessary unanimity on sending a CSCE observer mission .
56 In December 1990 Chandra Shekhar met for talks with Simranjit Singh Mann , leader of one of the three main Akali Dal factions [ see p. 37915 ] .
57 On Dec. 29 the HCR met for the first time since the attempted coup and approved the new Cabinet , whose membership was announced the following day .
58 While in Cartagena , Colombia , on Dec. 2-3 for the " Group of Rio " summit [ see p. 38675 ] , President Fujimori of Peru and President Borja of Ecuador met for the first time to discuss their longstanding border dispute [ see p. 38526 ] .
59 An Agence France-Presse ( AFP ) news agency report of Dec. 8 said that ICO Foreign Ministers who met for a preparatory session in Dakar on Dec. 5-9 , had adopted a draft resolution expressing " full solidarity " with Libya in its confrontation with Western states over the Lockerbie affair [ see p. 38599 ] and underlined their " concern over … the possible use of force " .
60 Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir , in January [ see p. 38710 ] was formed on Feb. 13 under the chairmanship of Col. Mohammed al-Amin Khalifah ; it met for the first time on Feb. 24 in the building which formerly housed the National Assembly — the elected parliament overthrown by Bashir in June 1989 [ see p. 36728 ] .
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