Example sentences of "[verb] be " in BNC.

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31 What do you think Are they ke What do you think are the major problems they should be concentrating on ?
32 Yeah what kind of things should the police What are the most i What do you think are the major problems the major crimes in the flats ?
33 So teachers I do n't think are going
34 So , those are the sorts of things I take it that , that er we do think are a more interesting way of individuating people than their bodily .
35 Well Jennifer I think it 's er viburnum lanterna and it 's quite an interesting er bush because it was in the sixteenth century a er gave the tree its poetic name as he frequently come across it in old drove roads er over and across the old drove roads in the chalk downs of er from Winchester to Epsom and London but sorry about this it can grow to fifteen feet and in May it opens up its cluster of white flowers and it 's really quite an attractive thing but the berries I do n't think are so attractive so I think erm
36 By reducing the need to handle a complicated system , time is released from the already tight schedules for pupils to develop skills through a process whereby creative association and opportunities to learn and think are highly valued .
37 Things that you just do n't think are going to happen
38 Er I do n't think are pulling out but they , they 've suspended things , but I mean they just do n't know if they 're competing .
39 And if they have n't got side side one tape two following I mean side two side , tape two side A following tape one side B , it puts them out a bit I should think are you going up the dog path ?
40 But then I , I , it 's unfortunate that you had your first I mean someone who had no experience of headmastership , head , head teachers , I mean all the head teachers I should think are in financial problems this year cos it 's really there first full year
41 But some of them they do put on I do n't think are worth putting on at all !
42 None of these words I do n't think are
43 Because , although it 's before nine erm , the next morning erm you 're actually giving them now more lead time , you 've given them another day because an , sometime tomorrow you know , if it gets there at two o'clock and it 's off-loading in in in at the bay and someone checks that it 's been received and then someone makes a phone call to tell them it 's there , and then they 're doing something else , and then they come down and have a look at it , how many boxes do you think are sitting on loading bays that do n't get looked at for a day or two , or three , or four , five when they 've had a next day service ?
44 Switching , if I may , from Victorian novelists to more contemporary novelists , who do you think are good novelists of today ?
45 Tony , what do you think are the main trends in education today ?
46 Organizing , managing and administering are about controlling and co-ordinating the diverse contributions needed for the attainment of some collective goal .
47 The limitation is easy to spot : the unspoken assumption that the industrial and economic wealth of his country belongs by right to the whites ; and that any discomforts the blacks suffer are an unfortunate legacy of history .
48 ‘ The only people who suffer are the fans .
49 He argues the company has tried to monopolise the market by convincing customers that its relational database management system is effectively the computer , making it appear that all other functions and tasks the user may want to perform are bound tightly to the database — requirements that can only be met by other Oracle products .
50 But the approach is not adequate by itself : on the one hand , not all of the functions which government consciously decides to perform are public ; and on the other hand , there may well be functions performed by non-governmental bodies which have not attracted government attention , encouragement or participation but which nevertheless are of public importance .
51 ‘ The last two groups to perform are from Donegal and Leitrim .
52 Clearly one source is unreliable , and the interpretations which it offers are heavily biased .
53 By contrast , those still stone free nine months or more after dissolution treatment has stopped are genuinely likely to have had complete gall stone dissolution .
54 So far all he has received are 100 free shares .
55 Also received are benefit brochures from DAVID HUGHES and IAN GREIG , two of this season 's most deserving beneficiaries .
56 Very often , when they sound pallid and over-precise , the versions we have received are their latest re-telling , too smooth and polished , fixed and logical .
57 Foreign-debt servicing is not included in spending , though foreign loans received are included in revenue .
58 On the debit side of the cash book all amounts of cash received are shown in the cash column , and all amounts banked are shown in the bank column .
59 The goods received are also posted to the individual stock record cards from the invoice which will show the prices ( Fig. 6.17 ) .
60 National data about the amount of care received are not available .
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