Example sentences of "[verb] to " in BNC.

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31 This secondary elaboration of the original dream will use poetic language and ritual performance to communicate to others the original dream .
32 Only you can look for associations , explanations and seek amplification of what it was your unconscious mind was trying to communicate to you while you slept — and dreamed .
33 Assuming now that I was aware of one or two facts of which you , my dear , could not be , assuming that I had something of importance to communicate to Michel , would you still stick to your stubborn refusal ? ’
34 That is , they regard a novel as the creation of a particular human being , who has a particular vision of the world , which he tries to communicate to his or her readers by employing the codes of narrative and language in a particular way , and is responsible for the novel 's success or failure in this regard , and deserves praise or blame accordingly .
35 All film , video and television production is an example of the use of tools other than language to communicate to an audience .
36 Moreover , the lack of precision and the subtlety of the overall vision of the city development strategy , as Holford outlined , was not all that easy to articulate either , or to communicate to others with conviction ( Cherry and Penny , 1986 ) .
37 In one sophisticated Scottish mental hospital the nursing staff have learned to refer patients with whom they are failing to communicate to the physiotherapist .
38 A year later , on Tuesday , 13 April 1773 , Boswell ‘ again solicited him to communicate to me the particulars of his early life .
39 Well my understanding of team briefings , very quickly , is is to give you an example , after C S M T , what we should do is one of us should actually write down the key points from C S M T that you want to communicate to staff .
40 The manager 's inability to delegate responsibilities or to communicate to those lower down .
41 She paused again , struggling for words to convey the innocence and intimacy of that friendship , words that had to be like a spider 's web , strong yet delicate , if she was to communicate to Mark 's coarse masculine intelligence some inkling of what that friendship had meant to her and Hilda .
42 ‘ In every speech I make , I try to communicate to the audience why I think they should bother to listen to what I 've got to say , ’ he told delegates over a video link between London and Torquay .
43 It is important to communicate to the user not only the potential advantages of the information systems approach , of relevant , timely , accurate , understandable , and up-to-date , information which is provided to the correct level of detail , highlighting critical factors which control the firm 's success ( critical success factors are discussed in Rockart , 1979 ) , but also of potential pitfalls that should be avoided .
44 Each different form requires the mastery of its specific skills if , as is surely the object of the enterprise , the product is to be available and to communicate to all who may be interested .
45 Jesus had so much to communicate to people in such a small amount of time as we 've realised yes you can look upon the miracle of the cure of the blind man 's sight .
46 ‘ Did you have something you wished to communicate to the girl , Caroline ? ’
47 That is the way to communicate to people .
48 They have to communicate to their public and explain how the services they provide are of value .
49 She had always hankered to be tall and fair , like Riborg .
50 Ministers rally to back Major
51 Soleto 's murder ( July '36 ) = opportunity , save fatherland , restore order , failed ( all army did n't follow Franco , Mola + Sanjurjo 18th July '36 , Alzamiento ) Anarch/Social militia rally to govt. — war .
52 Factions of labour that have through struggle or out of scarcity managed to create islands of privilege within a sea of exploitation will also just as surely rally to the cause of the alliance to preserve their gains .
53 Top BBC leaders rally to defence of Birt
54 People 's propensity to misjudge the context of a reference is an indication of their willingness to assimilate the situations they encounter to paradigms of thought and action with which they are familiar , however misleading or falsifying this process of assimilation might be .
55 Erm next I propose as a , er , resolution four which is a special resolution and s set out in the notice of the meeting and is to modify to a limited extent , the obligations relating to the allotment of shares for cash contained in section eighty nine of the Companies Act .
56 The line screamed out as Trent beat to windward off the reef .
57 A hot-tempered individual , he early on fought a duel and beat to death an Indian accused of murder .
58 From Stop Your Fussin , with a subtle reggae beat to the haunting Where 's The Ocean and finally the memorable Let The Rain Come Down , insinuating animation and acquiescence from a failed relationship , the album is tremendously good and truely ambitious .
59 ‘ I like rock music ; something with a good thumping beat to it . ’
60 The distinctive nature of the ends is reinforced by the fact that the occupants are often physically con fined to the particular area for the whole of the football match .
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