Example sentences of "[verb] [is] " in BNC.

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31 The results show that when body temperature is low or falling then not only is fatigue higher but also sleep is easier to initiate .
32 Stage I sleep is defined in terms of the EEG and EOG records as consisting of a low voltage EEG with some slow activity , and occasional vertex sharp waves , and slow rolling eye movements ( see example . )
33 Temperatures can fall very low during the night so some form of heating in the room where you sleep is advisable .
34 Inside the mouse 's body , of course , the poison that made it so easy to catch is still present and can cause serious damage to the unfortunate cat .
35 Millett J commented : ‘ It would not , I think , be unfair to say that the defendants wish to embark on a fishing expedition , and that what they hope to catch is not primary evidence , but material for cross-examination ’ .
36 And what they will be trying to catch is just 70 very big carp dominated by a monster 36lb specimen .
37 And in the general fever for branding schemes OSF is also introducing its own programme for vendors to badge their products ‘ OSF certified ’ .
38 Reportedly OSF is motivated in setting things up like this to see the technologies can stand on their own .
39 I 'm often asked if I get sick of making presentations and signing autographs but I always answer by saying that the time to worry is when no-one wants me to do these things .
40 A court that tries to decide as Parliament would have wished is more likely to be right than a court that follows the words believing it was not what Parliament intended .
41 What he is asserting is that ‘ I have toothache ’ has meaning in virtue of pain-language taking the place of moaning ; and what he is denying is that saying this commits him to an experiential explanation of the meaning of pain-language .
42 Well , no what I 'm , what I 'm denying is I 'm questioning your assertion on what 's been happening in the last couple of weeks that we should react to that on a pa on er er report that has n't been released , right ?
43 The effect on a school would be devastating erm the school has already lost one teacher , the s the actual demand is increasing erm if we were to lose yet another teacher then what would we would be denying is education to the children , the best possible education .
44 Secondly , where the offeror expressly or implicitly waives the need for the acceptance to be communicated to him , the acceptance will take effect when the acceptor does whatever act is necessary to indicate his acceptance .
45 One of the subjects on which Headline is careful to listen to the trade is book jackets .
46 all that 's been disclosed is one as far as I know , erm your Lordship can see that I at some stage need to have a look at them , er before I complete in any way so I can cross examine Mr er my Lord may I just say this , on the seventeenth of November , that 's two days ago , we asked for the documents of the necessary twelve M P's two days ago
47 The model which Interplayce has designed is a result of thinking from ‘ the child in , rather than the building out .
48 Then I had to place my cock down on the glass , but the way this copier is designed — I disliked this copier , by the way , that place is too cheap to lease a decent brand of copier — the way it 's designed is that a normal eight and a half by eleven piece of paper is oriented sideways in the middle of the glass between two marks , you how that works , right ? ’
49 Even if the software designed is genuinely original and useful , there is a danger that scholars become hooked on the production of software .
50 Yeah , we 've actually er , way we 've designed is that erm , it 's actually a sort of , it 's inserted in the ham handbook itself as actually a , sort of separate removal section so they can
51 How well designed is the Habitat Improvement Scheme ?
52 An additional important factor in influencing the way in which group awards should be designed is the introduction of National Vocational Qualifications ( NVQs ) in the rest of the UK .
53 The maximum rig size permitted is 6.3 sq m .
54 In Germany everything that is not permitted is prohibited .
55 In the USSR everything that is permitted is prohibited .
56 The greatest amount normally permitted is one-and-a-half times your average final salary up to a ceiling of £1 12,500 ( or higher if your pension plan pre-dates the 1989 Budget ) .
57 Clearly , one of the invincible conventions of the ‘ Romance ’ label is that desire should not be consummated before at the very least a proposal of marriage has been secured by the heroine — ‘ the only pain permitted is the sweet pain of unfulfilled desire ’ …
58 The only kind of conversation about women permitted is crude and obscene but in a strange way this is a bridge between the prisoners and the staff who share these attitudes .
59 In an indirect system , the only connection to the rising main usually permitted is the obligatory one going to a drinking water tap in the kitchen ( though some existing houses may have other connections — for a WC , for example ) .
60 In the proposed E two the only development that would be permitted is that which needs to be in the open countryside and that 's a much more rigorous test .
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