Example sentences of "[noun] give " in BNC.

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31 It seems to me that Bethe ( writing in 1954 ) did not give due credit to Ulam for switching ideas onto an entirely new track ; judging from accounts given elsewhere ( eg The Advisors , H. F. York , San Francisco , 1976 ) Ulam rather than Teller should be called ‘ The Father of the H-Bomb ’ .
32 These are not the accounts given by spectators and it is difficult to imagine them offering such accounts .
33 For example , neo-Marxist analyses of bureaucracy and the division of labour have converged on the accounts given by elite theorists ( Parkin , 1979 ) ; and post-Althusserian and post-Gramscian Marxism is indistinguishable from pluralism except in its vocabulary ( Laclau and Mouffe , 1985 ) .
34 Complementary to that record we have the accounts given by those fans of those very occasions and others like them .
35 Social roles within each of the groups have been isolated primarily from the accounts given by fans and from prolonged observation in the London Road End .
36 It is within this group that he comes to establish both personal social bonds within his particular sub-group , but also comes to feel part of a wider social collective , as witnessed by the ‘ we 're all in it together ’ type of accounts given by members .
37 Accounts given by individuals are inevitably selective in content and emphasis , and as we noted in Chapter 3 , the attribution of change to particular policies or causal factors is always difficult .
38 In accordance with the main theme of this book the accounts given here are drawn from the school sector ( primary and secondary ) and concentrate on activities that were conducted at the level of the whole institution ( although , in practice , the whole of the school may not have become involved ) .
39 I asked the doctor about Dara Shukoh and Aurangzeb , and soon the doctor was telling us about the civil war and the accounts given of it by Bernier and Manucci .
40 The primary source of this would be accounts given by the Banking , Insurance and Finance Union .
41 Meiklejohn says , " Every adjective is either an explicit or an implicit predicate " , the former corresponding in his book to appearance in predicative position and the latter to attributive use ; and he goes on to show , with examples , that he takes exactly the same view as is found later in accounts given within a Chomskyan framework .
42 The parole reforms will please the judges who believe time served should more closely reflect sentence given .
43 ON December 14 TODAY warned of the threat posed to women by the dangerously short sentence given to the multiple rapist Dr Thomas Courtney .
44 The four-month jail sentence given to Christopher Hart for mowing down nine-year-old Sharon Townsend was a disgrace .
45 OF course TODAY is pleased that the Attorney General is now looking into the sentence given to Dr Thomas Courtney , the multiple rapist .
46 Paul A. Bilzerian , 38 , chairman of Singer Co. and a stock speculator , was on Sept. 27 , 1989 , fined $1,500,000 and sentenced to four years in prison — the longest prison sentence given for a Wall Street criminal .
47 On May 16 the Appeal Court halved the five-year prison sentence given to former Guinness chairman Ernest Saunders in August 1990 for " massive fraud " in connection with the Distillers Company takeover bid [ see p. 37662 ] .
48 THE family of the young Donegal woman dismembered by a 19-year-old man today slammed the three year prison sentence given to the killer .
49 THE Attorney General is to review the three year sentence given to a killer who strangled and dismembered a Co Donegal woman .
50 THE Attorney General is to review the three year sentence given to a killer who strangled and dismembered a Co Donegal woman .
51 THE ABSURDLY lenient sentence given to Frederic Blancke , the French hospital worker who brutally murdered British school teacher Fiona Jones , is a travesty of justice .
52 A NURSE who had to learn to walk again after his neck was broken has hit out at the prison sentence given to his attacker .
53 The example sentence given above would be divided into feet as follows :
54 The impetus behind this increase was probably provided by a decision given by the United States Supreme Court in 1954 which declared forced segregation unconstitutional in all public educational institutions .
55 Any decision given on review attracts a further right of appeal just like the original decision .
56 The hearing will be adjourned pending the delivery of the High Court 's opinion , at which time it will be relisted and a decision given on the merits in the light of the High Court 's opinion on the law .
57 Nevertheless , provided that he has , or may appear to have an influence on the decision given , then that will be sufficient to render the determination invalid .
58 The Fenari clan seem 's not to have forgiven or forgotten this slight , for Molla Fenari 's sons later challenged a decision given by Molla Yegan as kadi of Bursa and caused him to be examined by a of the ulema .
59 Both words were used to push the Morrissey vision of men 's liberation ; not , as it may sound , a freedom given to the Penthouse reading hordes but a glimpse of Morrissey 's ideal world where gender barriers are entirely dispensed with .
60 Everyone , however conditioned by family and society , still retains the dignity and freedom given by God , of exercising their own will and choosing good or evil .
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