Example sentences of "it is [adv] [adj] to assume that " in BNC.

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1 The unusual nature of these counter-examples indicates that they are indeed the exceptions which prove the rule , and it is normally reasonable to assume that coins made from the same die were produced at the same time and place .
2 It is thus wrong to assume that any one form can be ‘ more evolved ’ or ‘ better-adapted ’ than any other .
3 Extrapolating from this , it is probably right to assume that these functions also
4 Since we are quite different in our behavioural capacities , notably in our possessing language , this may reflect a lack of subtlety on the part of the anatomists but it is probably reasonable to assume that the input and output ends of the system are pretty much the same in monkeys as in people .
5 It is probably fallacious to assume that at every level a pebble beach was formed : if the rocks eroded are weak , such as clay , or both fairly weak and chemically attacked by the sea , such as certain types of limestone , there may well have been no or very little beach material formed .
6 Nevertheless it is probably fair to assume that a private customer 's needs will be for " standard " investments .
7 While it would be misleading to suggest that small firms are important across all manufacturing industries , it is also incorrect to assume that small firms are confined to traditionally labour-intensive industries like textiles , clothing , furnishing or ceramics .
8 Third , it is also reasonable to assume that if there is some quality in Eve which completes Adam , that she is different and that this difference in focus can frequently add a valuable insight to the decision-making process .
9 It is also premature to assume that the single European market means that rival continental financial centres will deliberately keep regulatory standards below London 's .
10 Although no reference to them exists among surviving documents , it is certainly reasonable to assume that James sired children .
11 Although I agree that ‘ it is always dangerous to assume that the causes of emotional disturbances lie more in the past than the present , ’ I also know that families , like individuals , in Western societies have histories , and that no two families , happy or unhappy , develop in exactly the same way .
12 It is therefore reasonable to assume that they could undertake the order without incurring any further wage costs , so the relevant cost is nil .
13 It is therefore wrong to assume that there is a widespread move away from the family care of dependent older people .
14 Addictive disease runs in families and it is therefore tempting to assume that up-bringing and family and social background are the prime cause of addictive disease .
15 It is entirely wrong to assume that older women , who have been involved in employment during their lives , should experience retirement as any more or less significant than it is for older men .
16 In the case where an E is extended by qualification in order to provide a more suitable identification to an audience , as in ( 14 ) , it is entirely natural to assume that a P which does the qualifying — typically an attributive adjective , in traditional terms — will apply to or be valid for the entity identified by the whole pattern [ P E ] .
17 It is too easy to assume that older patients can not inject their own insulin and thus need to involve relatives or the district nurse .
18 In fact , it is fairly safe to assume that all proper names started their denotative careers as descriptions of one sort or another , although in many cases the link with the original descriptive content subsequently became severed or obscured .
19 Despite the tables being somewhat dated , it is fairly safe to assume that in the case of Scotch Whisky production , the coefficients will not have changed significantly in the interim period .
20 That the arbitrageur can lend money at the riskless rate of interest appears sensible , but it is more questionable to assume that he or she can borrow at the riskless rate ( although if the marginal arbitrageur is a large financial institution , the assumption may be reasonable ) .
21 As a basis for this calculation it is perhaps appropriate to assume that a single sprinkler system should be capable of dealing with three fires simultaneously involving the operation of all sprinkler heads in any vertically-related sections in which they might occur .
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