Example sentences of "over a [num] year period " in BNC.

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1 A survey was undertaken of all referrals for compulsory admission received by a city mental health centre over a one year period .
2 Referrals received from all sources requesting a section assessment over a one year period were included in this study .
3 These had been developed over a one year period and had been fully piloted .
4 Twelve consecutive patients were studied over a one year period .
5 The study found twenty-one students had taken their own lives over a fourteen year period , and more than two hundred and fifty others attempted suicide.Simon Garrett reports .
6 The Gold Award is made to organisations in recognition of achieving either a consistently good or continuously improving performance over a 4 year period .
7 This will be particularly important in our efforts to explore the ways in which the private traumas of married couples have found their way on to the public agendas of churchmen , politicians , policy makers and others over a fifty year period .
8 In figure 9.14 , negative perceptions about the performance of the economy in the previous twelve months and pessimism about the economy in the following twelve months are plotted on the same scales over a six year period .
9 Over a six year period ( January 1984 to December 1989 ) 62 patients with bile duct strictures had exfoliative cytology carried out .
10 His beloved fiancée was stricken with polio and , over a two year period , her health steadily deteriorated .
11 What it does n't currently offer is Unix SVR4 compatibility , and Solbourne commits only to a gradual migration to Solaris over a two year period .
12 They estimate that in the 250 largest corporations , a $1,000 increase in corporate value ( defined as share price appreciation plus dividends ) produces an increase in the salary and bonus of the chief executive over a two year period of less than 10 cents , and share options add only another 58 cents .
13 Secondly , to measure the incidence of recurrent disease erm while patients were under maintenance therapy , with B G C over a two year period .
14 On the face of it , this offer gives you the option of substantially more than £6 million providing over a two year period profits increase .
15 The result over a two year period is a range of display material that has been exclusively designed and manufactured , and is now available to retailers throughout the country .
16 Over a two year period this approach was used in 40 such patients .
17 In the present series we report our experience with biliary endoprosthesis placing for the management of common bile duct stones over a two year period .
18 Erm looking interestingly enough , at the Hambleton figures of I understand these are new purchases , which is a bit surprising perhaps , but over a two year period there erm this is table three in Hambleton 's submission , there 's a reference to the number of erm the origin of house purchases from Cleveland in Hambleton , and it would be seen from there that Cleveland erm produced a hundred and fourteen dwellings , that 's purchases of Cleveland residents in the Hambleton area erm in nineteen ninety one to ninety three .
19 That 's over a two year period .
20 Some of these children , if they were given this attention over a two year period , could overcome this and go into the secondary school able to cope and take their place alongside the other children , and this is desperately important .
21 Erm I was going to pick up on a number of points that have been raised by previous speakers , but erm Mr Grigson and Mr Curtis seem to have er dealt with a few of those , erm just with regard to the the table put in by C P R E , with their figures , I would just agree with Mr Cur er Mr Grigson that there is a very substantial degree of double counting in those figures , there is also a very substantial degree of over provision in the allowance for for conversions , er past conversion rates in Greater York have averaged something like twenty nine dwellings per year , over a fifteen year period your talking about four hundred and thirty five dwellings , which is the figure that both York City Council and ourselves have have made allowance for for conversions , that compares with a figure of a thousand dwellings referred to by the C P R E and I see no foundation for that figure , erm , as I say Mr Curtis already picked up on the point about windfalls rates by Mr Thomas , erm just turning to the difference between the tables er submitted by the County Council and York City Council on the the residue within the er Greater York area , I would accept the figure , the figures put in the tables by Mr er by Mr Curtis , I think that they have picked up the the more recent planning permissions and the completions information , and they also take on board there more recent work on erm development within the city , and I I accept that table .
22 This unique naval aircraft has been restored and rebuilt using components collected from four Albacore crash sites in Whiten Head , Glen Clova , northern Norway and the Island of Hoy over a seventeen year period .
23 Over a 7 year period , World Vision plans to plant 9 million trees in the Shone Valley .
24 von Scheidt et al assessed haemodynamic variables over a 5 year period ( mean 26 months ) in patients after heart transplantation and confirmed preserved and normal left ventricular contractility in most cases .
25 The current project is scheduled to take place over a 5 year period , with a budget set at 500k .
26 Behavioural item check lists were completed by the mothers and teachers which provided assessments of several different behavioural dimensions and behavioural changes over a 5 year period will be analysed with respect to specific life events , life circumstances and primary school experience .
27 The report looked at the use of DSS to support R & D project selection over a 10 year period for ICI Pharmaceuticals .
28 An adult of 472 gastric emptying tests carried out over a 10 year period was performed to discover the reasons for requests from consultant clinicians , their anticipation of the results of tests , and the influence of the results upon the subsequent management of their patients .
29 He may feel he can get 2 or 3 lucrative moves over a 10 year period .
30 The House considers that the proposed $1.1 billion settlement — payable over a 10 year period — is inadequate .
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