Example sentences of "can be said [prep] be " in BNC.

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31 For it is being questioned whether a symbol which would appear to be necessarily male can be said to be inclusive of all humanity .
32 It should be noted moreover that such a Christology is not predicated upon saying that the difference between the sexes is of minimal importance , or simply to be compared with differences of race , with the implication that women can be said to be like Christ and so for example be ordained .
33 Or is there any sense in which those who oppose and vote against a particular policy or decision can be said to assent to it , or can be said to be governing themselves when they have voted against the policy that has been adopted ?
34 It is in this sense that a system of majority decision-taking , rather than any particular decision , can be said to be based on consent .
35 We saw earlier that majority decision-taking , even in the context of direct participatory democracy , poses the problem of how those who oppose the majority position and vote against it can be said to be governing themselves .
36 It is true , certainly , that feeling good for no particular reason , and the sensation of warmth , do not involve objects or contents that can be said to be determinate in a certain sense .
37 By virtue of being hand-made , all oriental rugs can be said to be unique — a weaver , no matter how hard he or she tries to follow a particular design , will invariably make small mistakes or innovations which will impart some individual flavour to the work — but it is rare to encounter a rug in which the weaver has consciously striven to express his own creative ideas at the expense of a traditional design .
38 Consider the extent to which the approach can be said to be atomistic or holistic , bottom-up or top-down .
39 For instance , the following two occurrences of man can be said to be in syntactically different environments :
40 Although no meaning relation can be said to be totally without significance , by no means all conceivable relations are of equal general semantic interest .
41 Whereas for Horvath and Sankoff ( as noted above ) the linguistic variables are ‘ well defined ’ , this is not so in a dialect-divergent community : in such a community few of the linguistic variables can be said to be defined at all .
42 For our present purposes , there are two main senses in which the inner-city phonology can be said to be complicated : first , there is a much higher degree of ‘ low-level ’ allophonic variation in the inner-city than in outer areas , resulting in a wide range of variation and frequent overlap between phonemes ; yet , this variation can be shown to be rule-governed ; second , there is a high incidence of what I have called phono-lexical alternation ( as measured in variables of type 2b ) in the inner-city , which is much reduced in outer-city communities .
43 Such organizations can be said to be poorly designed .
44 In both cases , relevant information about the speaker 's voice can be said to be evidence in the case , going beyond what is contained in the written version .
45 In principle , therefore , even where the delay can be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay should be the exception rather than the rule .
46 In principle , therefore , even where the delay can be said to be unjustifiable , the imposition of a permanent stay should be the exception rather than the rule .
47 The wording of the section contains no express limitation to documents which can be said to be part of a process of reconstituting the company 's state of knowledge .
48 I am therefore of the opinion that the power of the court to make an order under section 236 is not limited to documents which can be said to be needed ‘ to reconstitute the state of the company 's knowledge ’ even if that may be one of the purposes most clearly justifying the making of an order .
49 In this matter of mouths , the Nile can be said to be modest .
50 It must comprehend alternatives in policy , since it is only if an electoral decision can alter the actions of government that popular control can be said to be established …
51 An important part of the discussion deals with the difficulty of deciding whether variation can be said to be between semantically equivalent forms which carry social meaning , or to encode an aspectual distinction ; this latter issue is treated in the context of a ( non-quantitative ) analysis of the semantic distinctions underlying tense and aspect marking ( see further 7.6 and 7.7 ) .
52 Richard Titmuss was the outstanding exponent of the liberal socialist standpoint on the study of social policy ; indeed , he can be said to be virtually the founder of the systematic study of social policy .
53 Indeed , it can be said to be a consequence , but also a cause , of the growth of the academic subject with which this book is concerned .
54 It is hard to identify a dividing line at which making can be said to be completed and implementation to start .
55 Research findings suggest , moreover , that the people most likely to change their votes — the floating voters — are generally the least informed within the electorate , and are thus not people who can be said to be making careful choices between policies .
56 It is a consequence of this view that if two things are related to each other in any way , then neither of them , strictly , can be said to be ontologically independent of the other , for in such a case neither of them can be fully described without presupposing the existence of both .
57 ‘ If the purpose of life can be said to be replication , then we have both failed dismally . ’
58 ‘ Adaptive information ’ can be said to be inherited , if natural selection has built that information into the animal 's genes over the generations .
59 In the sense that these parties have provided the electorate with a clear either-or choice in both countries for many years , they can be said to be doing their job .
60 No one procedure can be said to be absolutely right , and composers have used every compromise between these two extremes .
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