Example sentences of "it is said to be " in BNC.

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31 U , of spectral type M , appears to be irregular , with a range of from 5.6 to 7.5 ; EU ranges from 6.0 to 6.9 , and is also of type M. It is said to be semi-regular , with a period of around 60 days , but I have never been at all confident about this .
32 It is said to be visible with binoculars , but I have never been able to see it without a telescope .
33 It is said to be slightly yellowish , though I have never seen any colour in it either with the naked eye or with binoculars .
34 Dating from the seventeenth century , it is said to be the largest antique one-handed clock in existence .
35 It is said to be shorter in Angoras than dairy goats .
36 Naltrexone is an anti-euphoriant which masks any pleasure from subsequent use of opiate drugs and it is said to be non-addictive .
37 Now , the constitution as it " really " is , as it is said to be , and as it is said it should be , only really line up in times of political ( and therefore constitutional ) stability when there is agreement on clear and simple constitutional fundamentals .
38 There has been a failure to see constitutional theory and political practice as in dynamic interaction each with the other ; there has been a failure to recognise that interpretations of the constitution are always relative to time , place , and our position as observers ; and so there has been the simple view that the constitutional set-up as it is , as it is said to be , and as it is said it should be , have all been as of one .
39 His description of the group culminates in the famous formulation of the " perfect law of art " of which it is said to be the embodiment :
40 The term " Urgonian " has become almost a dirty word in Cretaceous stratigraphy , for it is not one of the internationally accepted stage names and it is said to be a diachronous , southern facies .
41 Third , the less ‘ verbish ’ the verbs in the poem are , the greater their lexical power tends to be , lexical power being in inverse proportion to the number of different terms with which a given term is habitually associated ( ‘ the fewer the items with which a given item is likely to collocate … the more ‘ powerful ’ it is said to be ’ ) ; and the more powerful , and less ‘ verbish ’ , words are ‘ items of violence ’ , such as ‘ staggering ’ .
42 It is said to be a sort of fluorescent greenish-yellow purple . )
43 From heavy use in earlier years ( it is said to be an old droving road ) , the path 's formation had sunk , so that in places there are banks on both sides , a perfect place for water to collect .
44 Where a relationship is linked to two entities ( as in the case of the examples in figure 3.3 ) , it is said to be binary .
45 If a relationship is linked to three entities , as in figure 3.8 , it is said to be ternary .
46 If a business makes both exempt and taxable supplies , it is said to be partially exempt and will be able to recover only part of the input VAT .
47 It is said to be thinking of appointing a special envoy to the interim government set up in February in the Pakistan border town of Peshawar .
48 At this point , the DC is in state CREATED and the user who created it is said to be the ‘ associated user ’ .
49 If the statement does not become incorporated into the contract it is said to be a representation ; something said in the course of the negotiations leading up to the contract itself .
50 It is said to be ‘ a frantic cocktail of hardcore , funk and psychedelic country acappella from the North 's third best band ’ .
51 For example , if the values of c and v lie in the area ABC ( say , c = 0.5 and v = 0.5 as at point E ) then any exogenous change in consumption or investment will generate a damped cycle like that illustrated in Fig. 4 ; it is said to be damped because the fluctuations in real output become smaller and smaller over time .
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