Example sentences of "it [vb mod] be assumed that " in BNC.

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1 If tension was so high in an area not stricken by famine , it may be assumed that as much or more violence occurred in regions like the Ukraine and Tambov guberniia , which were nearly as badly off as the Volga .
2 In a poll of Anglican Clergy undertaken in 1864 only 40% expressed the view that the damned would suffer everlasting torment ; it may be assumed that a poll of laity would have disclosed a substantially lower percentage.ii .
3 In any situation where someone has died , it may be assumed that more people are likely to be significantly affected by the death of that one individual than may seem apparent .
4 Given Richardson 's concern to fill out the second volume , it may be assumed that very few of Mary Leapor 's works escaped publication .
5 A widespread factor is found where real or suggested expertise is involved in a transaction and where at the same time it may be assumed that the customer is ignorant about what it is he is paying for .
6 While the number of programmes undertaken is not in itself an indicator of quality or effectiveness , it may be assumed that undertaking relatively little , or virtually no planned systematic training , is certain to be ineffective .
7 For anthropologists it may be assumed that this is an uncontroversial statement .
8 Our public houses vary in terms of individual design and construction , but the plans provided are typical of the two types of unit distinguished in the Preliminary Report , and it may be assumed that appropriate proposals will be suitable for other units falling within the same category .
9 On this basis , it may be assumed that reliability estimates ought to exceed 0.7 if a test is to be regarded as providing ‘ reliable ’ scores .
10 These characters are highly experienced , and it may be assumed that they can equip themselves with pretty much anything they want ( subject to GM approval ) .
11 On the vertical axis is plotted the recorded rate of increase of money wage rates , and it may be assumed that the rate of inflation can be closely associated with these rates of wage change because wages are usually the largest component of costs .
12 It may be assumed that the impulse of cruelty arises from the instinct for mastery and appears a period of sexual life at which the genitals have not yet taken over their later role .
13 First of all , if support teachers always take individual needs as their starting point it may be assumed that any modifications to the curriculum for a particular child relate uniquely to that child 's difficulties .
14 It may be assumed that within the three miles the territorial sovereignty would be sufficient to cover any such legislation as the present .
15 From some authors it may be assumed that pluralism represents an especially naive set of propositions about how political power is perfectly , or nearly perfectly , distributed within Western liberal democracies .
16 Where reefs are notably wider than the average it may be assumed that there the corals were not killed off during the Pleistocene .
17 The meaning of the word ‘ immediate ’ is likely to give rise to dispute in the courts , but it may be assumed that if , for example , a man threatens a woman that unless she has sexual intercourse with him , he will violently assault her in the presence of her children when they return home the following day , this will not be rape under the Committee 's proposals .
18 It may be assumed that the manufacturer 's motive is his own advantage .
19 If one separates them , it may be assumed that vocational courses are more valid than non-vocational , but nothing could be further from the truth .
20 As other factors may influence company returns it may be assumed that beta is not a measure of total risk .
21 When one recollects that bequests were made in the hope of securing the prayers of beneficiaries for the donor 's soul , it may be assumed that bridges , and also roads , were in sufficient use for such gifts to be regarded as a good piece of spiritual investment .
22 For example , by the third sub-maxim of Manner ( " be brief " ) , wherever I avoid some simple expression in favour of some more complex paraphrase , it may be assumed that I do not do so wantonly , but because the details are somehow relevant to the present enterprise .
23 If the retailers catalogue or other literature does not specifically state that a mains transformer is suitable for this parallel operation , it should be assumed that it is unsuitable for use in this manner .
24 The first question which an egoist might raise is why it should be assumed that I can not be aware from another 's viewpoint without being moved towards his goals .
25 In evaluating the commercial possibilities of options , it should be assumed that the parties will act in accordance with their economic interests , but account should not be taken of courses of action which the parties would take only in the event of a severe deterioration in the creditworthiness of the issuer .
26 So it should be assumed that a similar number of those who changed in the ‘ right ’ direction were similarly ill-informed about their new choice , and just happened to end up in the ‘ right ’ group by chance .
27 When no data is provided , or if the only information available is an average number of additions , it should be assumed that additions are equally probable anywhere .
28 It is sensible to treat all raw meat and poultry with extreme care as it must be assumed that it is likely to be contaminated by food poisoning germs .
29 Fourteen trade cards issued by London undertakers during the period c.1680 to c.1760 survive , and as none indicate any other craft-affiliation it must be assumed that they were able to furnish from stock all that went to provide for a funeral .
30 It must be assumed that people who test antibody positive , still have HIV infection , are infectious and could pass the virus on to others .
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