Example sentences of "let us assume that " in BNC.

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1 Let us assume that within a certain time , probably around a year or so for most people , you will have achieved your ideal weight , a good , firm shape , and a reasonable level of physical fitness .
2 let us assume that a full report , with virtually nothing excluded , is laid before the House .
3 Let us assume that we persuade the Government of the day to allow one day of prime Government time for that debate .
4 For the sake of discussion , however , let us assume that bream layers are a fact in rivers and non-existent in stillwaters .
5 Let us assume that we have selected twenty cases who all have the same bugs growing in their throats .
6 Let us assume that a cat stalks a duck until it gets within striking distance .
7 Let us assume that we have been more careful and not leapt before we looked .
8 Or to express it in more popular terms : let us assume that we had a complete proportionality in every branch of production , in the sense of their unilateral connection in one direction : from means of production to means of consumption …
9 Let us assume that as a result of the increased prices obtained for consumer goods , there is induced an increase in capacity in Dept .
10 Let us assume that the survey is fine .
11 Let us assume that you are a woman of medium height , doing a job like housework , which requires a moderate amount of physical activity , and that you are about one stone overweight and just about to embark on trying to lose it .
12 One of the things the expert would note would be that , however big the meal — and let us assume that over-large portions were served — some people would consume every morsel and leave an entirely clean plate .
13 Let us assume that you have reached the point in your synspilums ' development where you are setting up their permanent breeding quarters , probably using a 60″ × 18″ × 18″ tank or larger ; you might just about scrape by with a 48″ , but this is not really recommended .
14 However , let us assume that the habit is broken .
15 But let us assume that when we question him he proves not to have overlooked such dangers .
16 However , let us assume that we are interested in individuals .
17 Let us assume that a stock is selling at $50 , with undisclosed good news which will ultimately cause the stock to sell for $60 , and that no factors other than the good news will affect the price .
18 Let us assume that in the split second that it took our sender to walk into the room and to recognise another person , a decision was made to smile .
19 Let us assume that the value of child benefit , currently at £7.25 , be doubled ( as is proposed as part of the tax changes in chapter 19 ) .
20 Let us assume that you want to find a particular book and that you know the title and author .
21 Let us assume that the give-away clue is that your murderer has dyed his moustache .
22 However , let us assume that you have decided on a full-out why-dun-it .
23 Let us assume that we have fixed on a particular language .
24 According to your route , let us assume that you select a Flight Level of 50 .
25 So , Let us assume that our aircraft speed is 90kts .
26 For the adjoining pattern let us assume that the mean wind for the final approach is 250 °/22kts.; ased
27 Let us assume that you found some to be same and some to be different .
28 Let us call to mind the ‘ representative firm ’ , whose economies of production , internal and external , are dependent on the aggregate volume of production of the commodity that it makes ; and , postponing all further study of the nature of this dependence , let us assume that the normal supply price of any amount of that commodity may be taken to be its normal expenses of production ( including gross earnings of managements ) by that firm .
29 That is , let us assume that this is the price the expectation of which will just suffice to maintain the existing aggregate amount of production ; some firms meanwhile rising and increasing their output and others falling and diminishing theirs ; but the aggregate production remaining unchanged .
30 There are no natural boundaries between property price regions , so let us assume that one would use the standard regions — the south-east , the east midlands , the west midlands and so on .
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