Example sentences of "it is [adv] accepted [that] " in BNC.

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31 It is generally accepted that this theory accords better with the view of modern science and is superior to that of Kant .
32 It is generally accepted that the ‘ master and slave ’ ideology of classical management theory is not properly tenable , ( although these beliefs still exist widely today and , to varying degrees , classical management theories are used in practice : bureaucracy and the formal structure of organisations offer security , familiarity and safety which continue to have strong appeal ) .
33 Although there is a claim that these vats were introduced by Charles Tennant Dunlop and Heinrich Buff of Giessen , it is generally accepted that Shanks was responsible for their development .
34 It is generally accepted that increasing lake acidification due to acid deposition has caused fish kills and stock depletion ( figure 4.14 ) .
35 It is generally accepted that the style with the most followers worldwide is Shotokan .
36 Many diverse schools still come from Okinawa , but it is generally accepted that the mainstay of much of the karate that is practised in the world today is the original shotokan style , brought from Okinawa to Japan by karate 's modern-day founder and innovator , Gichin Funakoshi .
37 Many claims are received in respect of cigarette burns to furniture , carpets etc. and although there has been no actual ‘ fire ’ , it is generally accepted that such claims can be considered as fire damage .
38 It is generally accepted that the life span of the traditional flat felt roof is about 10 years .
39 It is generally accepted that the Etruscans were of foreign origin , of a mixed Hellenic and Oriental culture , probably but far from certainly from Asia Minor , and that they established themselves in central Italy , in the area between the Arno and the Tiber , in the eighth century B.C. The civilisation appears to have developed and grown quickly and extensively and , by about 700 B.C. , the Etruscans were living an urban life in fine cities with wealthy citizens , and were capable of a high standard of building and visual and literary arts .
40 It is generally accepted that large numbers of people evaded the attention of the enumerators on that occasion and that if allowance is made for under-recording the total should be raised to about 9·2 millions .
41 It is generally accepted that most colorectal carcinomas arise from adenomatous tissue , which usually but not always assumes the form of polyps .
42 If you make an assertion which you think in principle could be justified but which you do n't have space to justify , you can alert the reader by adding a phrase like : " I am assuming that … " , " we could argue that … " , or " it is generally accepted that … " ; the advantage of using these phrases is that you acknowledge that there is some possibility of disagreement .
43 For example it is generally accepted that , since the real-balance effect concerns the net wealth of the private sector , indebtedness arising from within the private sector should be excluded from the definition of NW .
44 A clear waiver of subrogation rights issued by the insurers is obviously preferred , but it is generally accepted that the noting of interests will have the same effect , although there is no guarantee of this .
45 It is generally accepted that in order to succeed on a plea of unreasonableness it is not necessary for the covenantor to show that the covenantee had acted oppressively .
46 2 The time at which reasonableness is considered It is generally accepted that the relevant time at which reasonableness is to be considered is the time of entering the contract .
47 Similarly it is soon accepted that the ‘ ostrich ’ theory of closing one 's eyes and assuming that thereby either oneself or things in the environment will actually disappear is not tenable .
48 Local farmers and regional government often hold large emergency stocks which are not counted , but it is nevertheless accepted that they represent a trend .
49 It is traditionally accepted that it was in about the year 753 B.C. that a tribe of people settled near the Tiber on the Palatine Hill .
50 Thomson is state-owned and though there has been no overt policy statement from the French Government , it is widely accepted that its attitude towards the merger will be at least coloured by the MoD 's decision .
51 It is widely accepted that the spiral pattern formed by the stars of a galaxy like our own is produced by a density wave moving through the stars .
52 Self-promotion of that sort may be a matter for amused comment , but it is widely accepted that one may choose one 's Place in the pecking order , or try to , and that in Britain parentage does not irreversibly define class .
53 It is widely accepted that this system ‘ has nothing to teach us ’ .
54 It is widely accepted that the rate increases as firms get smaller as liquidity burdens are passed along in a ripple effect from the very largest firms through lengthening credit notes .
55 But for those in Japan who do achieve a more secure status it is widely accepted that such benefits are unlikely to be renewed if the individual moves to another company .
56 It is widely accepted that the next ten years presents the Health Service with a manpower problem .
57 It is widely accepted that one of the main factors contributing to the relative decline and adverse trading position of the British economy is a shortfall of investment in private industry , and socialists can not afford to be indifferent to this since the employment prospects and livelihood of millions of workers are at stake .
58 It is widely accepted that for a bloom to develop the critical depth must be shallower than the mixed depth .
59 It is widely accepted that attempts to apply the concession theory in modern conditions are inapposite : there is no longer any ‘ privilege ’ involved in obtaining corporate status and the source of companies ' ’ economic energy ’ undoubtedly lies in individual initiative and not in the state .
60 To quote one of them ( D. M. Anderson ) , ‘ It is widely accepted that some , perhaps many , of the abiotic chemical reactions and processes leading to the origin on Earth of replicating micro-organisms occurred very early in the history of Earth in close proximity to the surfaces of clay minerals and other inorganic substrates . ’
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